The word 'Assam' is derived from the original name of the Ahoms kings, who ruled the state for about six hundred years. It was during the rule of Ahoms kings that the business of Gold-washing and manufacturing flourished in Assam.

In fact, gold-washing became the major profession in Assam. Ever since then, Assam has been famous for Gold Assamese jewellery.

Earlier, the major quantities of Gold were taken from the river Subansiri (one of the major tributaries of the Brahmaputra).

Nowadays, Jorhat (located in Upper Assam), Nagaon (located in Central Assam), & Barpeta (located in Lower Assam) are the main districts that manufacture Gold jewellery in Assam. The artisans who make the traditional Assam jewellery in these areas are called ‘Sonari’ in the Assamese language.

The making of Assamese Jewellery

Assam traditional jewellery contain silver or lac as their base metal and Gold foil as their coating.

However, as the trends are evolving, people nowadays are more interested in Assam traditional jewellery styles that have a Gold base over the silver or lac base.
As a result of which, Assamese jewellery now comes in 3 types of metal variations. Here’s everything you need to know about the making process of Assam traditional jewellery.

1. The very first version includes the styles with a Gold frame. The filling is done with Silver or Lac metal.
Such styles (the ones that contain Gold as their base) are known as “Kecha Sonar Gahana” or pat Sonar Gahana.

2. The second version consists of a frame that is made with Silver or Lac. The filling is done with Gold foils.

3. The last one contains a silver frame as well as the silver filling. The entire piece is then coated with Gold metal.

Once the frame is ready with the filling, the jewellery pieces are then adorned with Kundan and Meena stones to give them a colourful look.

Earlier, the styles used to be embellished with precious emstones such as Rubies, Emeralds and Garnets but due to the high cost, the demand for such pieces decreased.
That’s why, nowadays, Assam jewellery pieces are embellished with cheaper stones such as kundan and meena.
However, there are a few Artisans who make jewellery encrusted with precious gemstones. You can buy such styles online as well as at jewellery shops in the Ranthali village of Assam.

Ranthali Village of Assam

Located approximately 8 km away from Nagaon town, Ranthali village is famous for “Assamese jewellery” not only in the state but also throughout India.
This village is, in fact, the home to the majority of the artisans of Assam who are best-known for their art of crafted Assamese Gold jewellery.

Did you know that almost 90 percent of the total people living in Ranthali are engaged in the Assamese Jewellery business?

Isn’t that amazing?

So these were the traditional jewellery styles and attires worn by the Assamese women. Which types of jewellery did you like the most?
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traditional jewellery styles and attires worn by the Assamese women. Which type of jewellery did you like the most?