Making money with ebooks is as simple as getting your ebook in front of interested readers and encouraging them to buy because it will help them solve a problem or provide information they're looking for. But, what if you could make money without selling your ebooks? How is that possible?

This article will explain how to start an online business by giving away your ebooks.

To start with, you'll need an autoresponder system that will allow you to send out periodic emails to your newsletter list. If you don't yet have one, I'll explain how to about building a list by giving away your ebooks and then making money from your subscribers.

To start with, create a series of newsletters that expand on the information found in your ebook. These newsletters will be sent out to your list to provide additional information about whatever niche your ebook is about.

Now, in order to build your list, create a squeeze page that briefly describes what your ebook is about. Insert an opt-in form and require people to sign up to your list in order to gain access to and download your ebook. Make sure your ebook provides value and that you assure your potential subscribers that they will get something of value for providing you their information.

Once they're subscribed to your list, they'll be getting your newsletter as already mentioned. Now here's the fun part. You can make money by promoting products and services related to the same niche as the ebook. You can find products to promote via Clickbank or PayDotCom and earn commissions whenever you generate a sale. This is considered making money on the back-end and is a great strategy to build trust with your subscribers and make money giving away your ebooks for free.

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