It’s the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and most of us are looking for some time off. With the economic crunch and the goal of living debt-free some will be paying off previous debts with very little or no funds available to go on a cruise, road trip or even to the local spa.

Can a paid vacation away from work net me some much needed cash? The answer is yes.

How? Let’s look at the following example. Sue works a 40 hour week and is a salary employee. She takes transit to work, buys her lunch and needs to wear business attire each day. For her commute she spends $10/day, her lunch costs $10/day and doing laundry on her business attire is approx. $5/day depending on whether she needs to dry clean her clothing or not. These 3 items add up to $25/day. Multiply this by 5 days in the week, we have a cost savings of $125.

Depending on what you do and where you live a survey company estimates individuals can save on average somewhere between $65 to $250 per week by taking a vacation at home.

The key is not to loose those vacation days. They are important to you and to your employer. Why? The answer is simple. We all need to unplug, get away, relax and rejuvenate. If you ran your car 24/7 without maintenance or a break, how long do you think it would last? Our bodies and minds are the same. They are sophisticated machines that need to be taken care. When abused they can’t be used! Vacations also help us set boundaries with our employers and coworkers.

So what does a vacation at home look like? It’s an opportunity to catch up on those odd jobs that have been waiting to get done while you’ve been putting in those unpaid overtime hours. There are those books you have wanted to read or those friends and relative you have wanted to visit and spend sometime with. It’s the perfect time to try new recipes or go riding your bike in the neighborhood.

You have worked hard for your vacation days so put them to good use even if you are staying home.

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Margaret L. Good has transformed lives by showing people that success, wealth and living abundantly is not difficult when you learn simple life altering principles. She is a Barnes and Noble 2 time best-selling author, coach and speaker.

For the past 28 years, Margaret has supported hundreds of people from many walks of life as a Certified General Accountant. Margaret is a unique and stand alone speaker and coach. Her candor and ability to point out what your true gifts, talents and inspiration are can quickly help you live the life you have always dreamed of.

Helping you reach your fullest potential is Margaret’s mission in life. A stellar business woman, wife and mother, Margaret shows her clients and audiences how to truly have it all and live the way you want to, aligned with God and never in scarcity.

Margaret’s co-authored best-selling book Living in Abundance has become well known. She has also co-authored a book specifically for the inspiration of women across the globe Wake Up Women Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy which reached #7 on the Barnes & Noble best-sellers list in January 2009.

Margaret is the wife of Rob with whom she has shared her life for the past 30 years. She is also the mother of 15 year old Stephanie. She loves reading, knitting and quilting as well as enjoying the weather and its elements while attempting to play the game of golf.