Nope, it’s not as dodgy as it sounds.

● Selecting the kind of event.
● Planning the activities.
● Fixing up dates, and seeing if the dates are available.
● ….

Those are just some of the steps that go into planning an event for the family or friends.
As you can see, it’s a pretty involved process, and planning and organizing it itself could be said to be an event.
What if I told you there’s a much simpler way to start #MakingMemories?
You might say you’re #MakingMemories through casual outings.
Here’s a flavour of what would unfold at such an event.

Enter the room…
Your group would be briefed about your Mission (yes, Mission with a capital ‘M’) by a game master, your phones would be taken from you, and you’d be ushered into The Room.
The door shuts behind you, and the clock starts ticking.
Welcome to an escape room.

What is an escape room?
An escape room involves a dramatic situation being simulated inside a room - your ‘mission’ - which you need to resolve.

Some examples of potential escape room missions
● Finding a missing engagement ring in time for a wedding.
● Putting together a vaccine for a viral outbreak.
● Investigating a murder, and maybe absolving someone of the crime.

As you can see, there is no limit to what kind of escape room missions are possible, the themes range from fantasy to horror, thriller, and even everyday life situations.
In short, there’s something for everyone.
How will these situations be simulated?
Well, escape game rooms are designed like movie sets, with walls being painted, props being put in place, special effects, and sometimes even costumes being provided to the players, all designed to bring the situation to life.
It’s all about creating an immersive experience - one the players can completely lose themselves in, leaving their day-to-day existence at the door.
How does the game work?
Well, clues are provided within the room revealing the way forward.
Players must fan out across the room, looking for clues, helping each other decipher what each one means, and how to proceed.

So, just follow clues one after another?
Nope, an escape game is more interesting than that.

Apart from the clues themselves, you will face obstacles in your path in the form of

● Puzzles that must be solved.
● Tasks that must be accomplished.

Oh, and there’s usually a time limit, say 60 minutes, within which you must find and decipher the clues, crack the puzzles and tasks, and resolve the situation/find your way out of the room.

Who can play such a game?
Just about anybody!

Escape room games are professionally designed to be not physically challenging, and to pose absolutely no danger to any of the players.

As this Chicago escape room makes clear, just about anybody can play an escape room.

Aren’t there any restrictions on who can play?
Restrictions can fall into 3 main categories:
● A suggestion that players below a certain age not take part due to the nature of the theme the particular escape game is based on.
● Medical restrictions - for example that people with epilepsy should avoid an escape room which contains flashing lights as part of the special effects.
● Some escape rooms may ask that players above a certain age consider not participating, due to some nature of the escape game - for example it may have jump scares that could be inadvisable for older people.

BUT, whatever these restrictions are, they will be clearly mentioned on the website of the escape room - in the ‘FAQ’ page, and in the ‘Booking’ page.

You can easily skip escape rooms that would be unsuitable for one or more members of your group.

● For one, the escape room game is an exhilarating experience, a far cry from the players’ day-to-day lives.
● Two, like I said, you’re not allowed to use your phone within the escape room. It’s a golden opportunity for members of the group to have real interactions with each other.
● Three, escape room games are designed to be shared activities. The entire group must take part, communicate with each other, and help each other, in order to make it out within time.

Many escape rooms, like this Orange County escape room, offer private-only bookings, which means you and your team (which could be just you and your date) will have exclusive use of your chosen escape room in your time slot.

A checklist to organize a family event at an escape room

● Count how many people there are in your group.
● Select an escape room.
○ When selecting the escape room, please remember to look for player restrictions, and choose one that will fit your group.
● Check from their website if you have enough members in your group to qualify for a special group booking.
● Estimate your cost for the basic booking.
● Next, check the website whether the escape room offers any special facilities (like food and beverage packages) on request.
● Ask them for an estimate on such facilities.
● Estimate the cost for the add-on facilities.
● Check with your group for a suitable date.
● Finalize your plans as per your budget, and make the booking. Most escape rooms accept bookings online; the actual booking shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

And now you know how to start #MakingMemories once this damned virus goes away.

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