In the furnishing of the living room and dining room, one can often overlook certain pieces of accent furniture that can not only look good, but can also serve a very practical purpose. Let's look at two such items of furniture - corner cabinets and hutches.

Sometimes it may be necessary to use these pieces of furniture in a room of large proportions so that it doesn’t look bare and under done in terms of decoration; they can complement the basic furniture you have in the room. It is possible to make smart and prudent use of items of accent furniture such as a dining room hutch and
corner cabinets, and equally they can serve several other purposes -

The Hutch: Hutches can serve a lot of different purposes. Typically a hutch will have a glass front cabinet or cabinets in its upper half, and then drawers or wooden door cabinets fitted into the lower half.

In the dining room this can be very useful to store your china, silverware, glasses, crystal, formal candlesticks and so on. You can also put photos, other knick knacks, or something solemn like a family urn here. Since you would typically like to display these items, they can be put into the top half of the hutch which has the glass frontages. In the lower half, you may want to store table linen, table cloths, serviettes, napkins, cutlery and so on.

Even in your living room, hutches can be used to great effect for displaying family memorabilia, travel mementos and pictures, commemorative items, vases, crystal, etc. Many hutches may be so constructed that they have a wine rack fitted below so this can serve a dual purpose and let you store some of your good wines at the same time.

The Corner Cabinet: This kind of cabinet fits into a corner of a room, as the name suggests, but does a lot more than just enhance or disguise a drab or empty corner of a room. Sometimes you may well wonder what to do with an empty corner of a room, which seems vacant and unattractive; not only will the corner cabinet solve this problem it will do more.

In a small area where space is limited and you have to make the best of it, a corner cabinet is really an excellent solution since it takes up very little space, in fact makes space for itself in an area of the room which is rarely, if at all, utilized. Since it easily stows away in one corner, the corner cabinet takes little space and can be used not only for storage and display purposes, but as a very attractive design element. You can use the mirror trick very effectively as well – fitting the inside of the corner cabinet with mirrors gives the illusion of added space and also reflects light truly helping to enhance the look of that corner of your room.

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