At one stage I presented a 30 day Success program to people, free of charge, in which I reveal success principles that really work.

I ask you to focus carefully right now, in other words; please catch this!!!

Only 5 percent of people that I offer this program to accepted the offer.

In other words 1 out of 20 people accept a “FREE” course that will potentially grow and develop a success mind-set.

Now you, I am sure, would not be one of the 19 who do nothing, you after all are reading this article, so well done, but do not be deceived.

Allow me to reveal an even more staggering truth.

Let us say 20 people begin the 30 day program, how many do you think will finish it?

The most amazing phenomenon occurs.

8 people do part 1 to 3 and then give up
5 go on to part 6 and then give up
3 go on to part 8 and then give up
2 go on to part 10 and then give up.

1 got so stirred up about achieving part 11, sent me emails about the exciting elements of the success and then gave up.

And 1 goes all the way to part 30 and experiences the fullness of what the program was designed to achieve.

I have yet to fully understand this phenomenon completely, but I have a few clear cut ideas that I would like to reveal that will assist you greatly.

The first revelation that hit me was that only 5 percent of people will respond when success is offered.

95 percent of people conform and simply choose to continue to do what they feel is easier to do.

I am amazed that people are exposed to opportunities for success daily, and do nothing continuously, but still moan eternally that good things never happen to them.

How about you?

If the offer were made and you were invited to learn and grow and you knew that it would only cost you your time and that it would cost someone else their time, then would you too give up after day three?

Would you be someone that endured to the end or would the cares of world come and steal that which is exposed to you and that which you acknowledge to be good and useful.

Would you do nothing?

The trouble with doing nothing is that you never know when you are finished.

Maybe your payoff line is something like the statements below:

“I don't have a solution, but I certainly admire the problem.”
“Every time I think I know where it's at, they move it.”
“If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.”
“Never put off till tomorrow what you can avoid all together.”
“The shortest distance between two points is under construction.”
“It was such a lovely day I thought it was a pity to get up.”

The next revelation that hit me was that many people begin down the road of success but few actually see the manifestation of the success.

People want to have the end result, when they have barely begun.

They want day 30's success on day three

People’s mind sets are sadly filled with thoughts that sound a little like this, “If I do not “feel” successful or if I do not “see” success, then I doubt that this really works!!!”

Conforming is forming the people who are yawning!!!

They get bored, and simply give up, they see no proof or evidence of fruit based on three days of input, and their environment and external conditions simply encompass, smother and fill their minds with thinking that is simpler to digest.

Success is not the result of making money, making money is the result of success.

Success is not about achieving an end result, achieving an end result is the result of success.

Success is more than just about a decision to succeed, it is about continuous action based on that decision.

With this said, realize and understand that success is not about a futuristic place or time, but rather a moment in which you not only decide to act but one in which you actually act.

I leave you with this analogy:

There are three birds sitting on a wire, and two decide to fly away.

How many birds are now on the wire?

The answer is three.

Simply making a decision to do something is never enough, you have to actually do it.

Author's Bio: 

Nick van Tonder is a dynamic facilitator with 30 plus years’ experience in Public Speaking and Promotion.

He was born in Kensington, Gauteng in 1972, his extrovert personality and welcoming smile have resulted in friendships and relationships internationally with people from various walks of life.

Nick has authored 4 books, “A Life Worth Living”, “The Root of The Fruit”, “Service Leadership” and “The Penny Dropper”. Nick dedicates his time to teaching people to achieve significance in every area of their lives; he lives out and teaches sound business and personal principles.

To date he has lectured nationally and motivated various delegates at IBM, Dimension Data, Telkom Directory Services, MTN, ABSA, Multichoice, Old Mutual, First Rand Bank, Nedbank LTD, The South African Parliament and many others.

Nick volunteers and partners various non-profit organisations such as Eco-access, The World Burn Foundation and The CANSA association of South Africa.

Nick is committed to making a difference; He is passionate about life and believes that all things should be done with purpose to achieve an end result.
Nick offers the following services:

Fund Raisers
Development of training material
Master of Ceremonies
Onsite training Coaching
Public training workshops
Strategy Development
High Impact Sessions
School & Community project speaker
Executive Coaching Workshops
Public Speaking
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Theme Building
Fundamental Management
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Skills Development Facilitation
Motivational Speaking Communication Strategies
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Coaching: A Leadership Skill
The Art of Delegating Effectively
Presentation Skills
Developing High Performance Teams
Change and How to Deal with it
Conflict Resolution: Getting along in the workplace
Diversity Management
Dynamic Customer Service
Antonymic Sales Program
Service Leadership
Telephone Skills Interpersonal & communication skills
Transformational Leadership
Sales & Customer Service for Call Centre Agents
An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management

Nick has fans and not customers. He uses various props and characters to bring his message across, and anyone who has attended his sessions would agree ‘you won’t ever have seen anything like it’