It's important to put yourself in front of your target audience as often as possible. With more and more people spending time on social networking sites, like Facebook and YouTube, adding these components to your marketing efforts can really make a difference. Now these sites have made it even easier to interface with their users and get your website noticed, recommended, and even track the number of visitors from a particular site.

Make Your Social Networking Efforts Count

When you're trying to increase traffic to your website using social networking sites, start by keeping it simple. Sometimes we think we have to do a million things to make social networking effective, but it starts with a few small steps. These steps don't have to be elaborate or take up most of your day to implement. You can zero in on using Facebook and YouTube for your marketing efforts by using these tools to your advantage. Remember the goal is to help make these sites work for your business by using the features to promote your content.

First of all, Facebook is an important place to have your content posted, as it is the most popular social networking site. Facebook has also recently updated their widget known as the Facebook Share button to be even more user friendly and easy to use. This tool gives you a code to cut and paste into your website that readers will view as a Facebook Share widget. This button is a really simple way to allow readers to pass the link around in Facebook. It also lets you to see how much growth the link is receiving, how many readers "like" it, and best of all, how many click backs to your website you are receiving.

The Facebook Share button takes less than a minute to add to your website, making it a very simple way to get more traffic and new visitors. You will have a few options for how it appears and be able to use the code to track any URL page from your site. You can find the code at Facebook's widgets page.

Another way to make social networking effective is to have a website that uses a marketing video. Having a marketing video opens doors to visitors who might not have otherwise found you. Most of us have heard of viral marketing, but even an average video can do a lot for your website. Visitors can sit back and absorb video quickly and easily.

Currently, there is no better social networking site for video then YouTube. When you post a video on YouTube, you will drive traffic to your site in a very short period of time and see how popular your site is becoming. Plus, Google search engines love videos, so your ranking will increase. YouTube watchers can also choose to post your video to their websites remotely, helping you to share your content. The profile you have on YouTube is another way to send visitors to your website. Even if you post just one video with a full profile on YouTube, people will learn more about you and visit your site.

No matter what resources you use for marketing, social networking is not going to end any time soon. Incorporating Facebook widgets or YouTube videos makes it even easier for people to find you -- and makes social networking effective. As online marketing opportunities continue to evolve and expand, do your part to grow your business alongside them.

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