Self-motivation flows from the importance we attach to today.

I am reading this amazing book called, “100 Ways to Motivate Yourself” by Steven Chandler and each chapter is a HUGE nugget of thought provoking, spirit lifting, energizing inspiration. This morning I randomly open the book to this entry, “Make today a masterpiece.” Chandler says that most of us live our lives hypnotized, thinking that we have all the time in the world to do what we want. When we live this way we end up sleepwalking past life’s finest opportunities. He states that the key to personal transformation is in your willingness to do very tiny things – but to do them today. Today is a microcosm of your ENTIRE life. What would happen to our behavior if we started thinking that each day when we wake up we have been “born” and each night when we go to sleep we “die.” In this way we only have each day to live our best life. We only have each day to create our masterpiece.

I am certainly guilty of wasting my moments and instead of creating a masterpiece I allow things to flop. I put off doing the laundry, I am distracted online instead of focusing my energy on my work, I veg out in front of the tv instead of paying more attention to my husband. I get caught up in my thoughts, overwhelmed by all the tasks I need to complete instead of taking action. I put off writing my blog bc I am not feeling at my best. But what if today were the only day I had to perform at my best? Well, I still might put off doing the laundry and cleaning the kitchen floor, but I certainly wouldn’t waste my energy on distractions and I wouldn’t waste an opportunity to be fully present for my daughter, my husband, and my passion (this website).

So while I can’t promise that for the rest of my life each day will be a complete masterpiece, I can (starting today) really show up for myself. I can fill my spirit with an unstoppable internal motivation. Today I am going to live as if each moment represented my entire life. I will live each moment with my eyes wide open so as not to miss an opportunity. I will try to live hard so that I go to bed thinking “today, I was at my best.”

What will you do to create your masterpiece today?
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