In less than two years, I increased my income by over 500%. And I did it right after my wife finished battling cancer, my dad passed away, and I switched careers! Gina and I had a lot on our plates, but one of our goals was to increase our income. I did it by applying the Think GREAT program to my life – 5 Steps to a Greater Life.

Let me start by saying that money does not buy happiness – it will merely enable you to enjoy more experiences in your life. For some people, increasing your income may mean that you can spend more time with your family. For others, it may allow you to donate more money to charity. And for some, it may provide a sense of security during the tough times.

Everyone wants to earn more money, but not everyone “needs” to earn more money! Increasing your sales/income is a great life-changing goal. Are you prepared to do what it takes to increase your bank account? How many aspects in your life would be enhanced if you increased your income by 10%, 25%, or even 100%?

For starters, write down your goal. Do not merely write “earn more money.” Write down the exact amount you need to earn to have a greater life. Do you need to earn $100,000 per year? Do you need to earn more? Gina and I needed to break the six-figure mark in order to buy our own home, which was another life-changing goal. It is amazing that working on one goal, will always allow you to accomplish other goals.

Next, write a list of your reasons for earning more money. Is it security, time with your family, life-style, etc.? There are three more steps: Expectations, Actions, and Tracking, but we will get into that more at a later point. For now, just start by writing out your Goal (make more money – list the amount), and your reasons.

If you are in the sales profession, Think GREAT and your sales will escalate!
1. Prospecting
2. Contacting
3. Presenting
4. Set-Up
5. Follow-Up

Think GREAT!
© 2010 Erik Therwanger

Author's Bio: 

Erik is a leading authority on accomplishing life-changing goals, team building, increasing sales results, and enhancing leadership skills – no matter what circumstances you face!

Combining his 4 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps, 10 years of sales experience, and his responsibilities as his wife's caregiver, during her battle with cancer, he created the Think G.R.E.A.T. program and authored the Think GREAT® book series, designed to help people achieve a greater life.

Erik has helped individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations to achieve greater results in taking initiative, creating sales opportunities, recruiting stronger, and building leaders.