1. Venue
For a change, keep things simple. During the wedding season, people attend numerous weddings. Big fat Indian weddings are just that - very grand, elaborate, fancy and extravagant. To make your wedding different from the rest, you can choose simplicity over grandeur. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and elegance. Give up on the idea of the traditional wedding venue, look for interesting venues, and create your own space within the venue.. Add your personal touch to the decor by placing big picture frames with cherished images of times spent with your family, friends and your fiancée. Your guests would surely find it delightful to experience and be a part of your memories. Something that your siblings or friends can do for you is a short film playing recorded messages from your friends and family who could not make it to the wedding. It could be played after the ceremony when you and the guests have settled down
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2.The wedding dress
Think out of the box. Your designer could help you personalise your dress by blending your wishes into her design. Many brides have been known to incorporate part of their mother’s wedding dress into their own. You could probably drape your sari in an innovative fashion or use a totally non- traditional colour.

Music sets the mood for every event. Traditional music during the ceremony is fine. You could play your favourite music softly in the background during the rest of the event. Also, it is the time when guests mingle with each other. Soft music is comfortable for conversations to take place among your guests.

4.Personal Touch
Let the priest do his job. However, you could write your own seven vows for each other. Write whatever makes sense to you and is meaningful to both of you. Of course, you can incorporate the regular traditionally recited vows but an element of personalization is what makes it special. Read out your vows to each other during the ceremony. This romantic gesture will remain in everyone’s memories for years to come. It is quite an impressive thing to speak out your promises to each other before your wedding guests.
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5.Your entry and exit
You can plan your wedding entry and exit in a unique manner. Forget the usual flower and ribbon decorated cars. How would you like arriving in Cinderella style in a pumpkin carriage or if it is affordable why not a helicopter? A stretch limo or flashy sports car or royal vintage car entry is also something that your guests and you would not forget for some time. Your exit or vidaai from the wedding venue can be equally interesting and unique.
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Chains do not hold marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.