Branding a product is pretty much the key towards running a successful business. In this rapidly advancing IT world, there are umpteen options to advertise / market a product. Electronic media such as Radio Channels, Television Channels and not to mention the World Wide Web that has shrunk our world so tiny that it can be held inside our palm!!

Irrespective of the medium one selects to market their product – be it over Radio or TV Channel or on the web, a human touch is always required to create the required impact. Yes, the vocal factor!!! Vocal communication plays a critical role in a product’s successful marketing. Advertising agencies are always in the lookout for a voice over talent.

A voice over guy usually is employed to narrate a story in a Radio or to bring life to documentary video in the TV Channels. Few other examples could be the commentators in the sports section. Gone are the days when the voice over for radio had to be performed Live on radio when the complete musical orchestra was present in the studio. But, thanks the astronomical development in the field of Sound Engineering, recording and remixing have been converted as a freeware that can be downloaded online. A voice over talent can now work from home. Now, how is that for flexibility!!

But hey, just because the technology has made things easier for recording and other visual effects, have in mind that it is still the voice talent of a human being that still determines the success factor. So, the demand of voice over talent is ever-growing. If you are wondering how good the voice over rates are, an experienced voice over guy is being paid by the on a minutes basis. For someone having years of extensive experience across various fields get paid thousand plus dollars for just one hour!!

If you are wondering if this profession is well established, please be informed these voice over professionals have their own Union in the United states called the ‘American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)’. Being a part of this union helps a person in quite a few ways – their pension, medical insurance is taken care. And in case of a private employer failing to pay the agreed wages, AFTRA would fight for their members to help them for the right payment.

So, people with a good voice talent, remember that you already have an inbuilt talent that needs a little fine tuning. The talent is called VOICE OVER!!!

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