I began my coaching career in my late twenties and I was very aware that I seemed to be one of the youngest guns in the bunch. When I went to professional networking meetings, I acted like my normal outgoing and fun self. When I was teaching a live seminar or communicating in my ezine I did my best to be professional.

I thought acting professional meant being serious, profound and very ‘corporate’ (whatever that means!). Fifteen years later, I’ve ditched the façade of being professional. It was very hard to connect with people when I was focused on how I was communicating and trying to build credibility the old- fashioned way.

Everyone and their mother is competing for your attention online. Everyone promises amazing and miraculous solutions to whatever ails you and your business. Who gets the business is the one who connects best with their target audience.

How you create a love affair with your peeps is best done by utilizing your God-given talents.

I happen to be a little goofy and very curious. I also really care that the people who read my article, jump on a class or buy my products get value and make changes in their life and business. I make sure that I bring my enthusiasm, curiosity and caring nature to every interaction I have with my peeps.

I’m very informal, so it was incongruent to my natural style when there was no warmth coming through in an email to a potential client. I still have to periodically remind myself when I’m busy, that I’m talking to a human being (not completing a task), when responding to an email or answering the phone.

Even when you’re following up with someone who has purchased your goods or services, don’t just pitch the next item. Make the connection to the human who just bought from you.

• Did they like their purchase?
• Did it live up to their expectations?
• How else can you support them?
• If they have questions, is there an easy way for them to get answers?
• Do they feel appreciated for doing business with you?

When you market, keep it personal. Sure, you want to make the benefits and features clear to your market but you want them to know that there are people behind the pitch. Your brand and humanness need to shine through every communication. Little details speak volumes.

Last week I did a lot of shopping in the little towns near my family’s cabin. The stores and restaurants are usually owner operated. Many of them thank you for your business even if they just saw you the day before. It makes me want to buy more. The people standing behind the counter who don’t acknowledge me create an urge inside me to hurry up and stop bothering them.

I also love it when my purchases are wrapped in tissue before sticking them in a nice bag. When you throw an expensive item in a plastic bag, somehow I just don’t feel like it’s as important of a purchase.

Sure, you can discount all of these examples, but the bottom line is that making your professional contacts personal will increase your number of raving fans. I consider my clients my friends. I DO socialize with them (even though I was told in coaches training that you can’t coach friends). I send them cards, notes and gifts. I adore them! Why wouldn’t I be loud and proud about our relationship?!

If you want them to rave about you, rave to them!

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