For many years now it has been customary for couples to have their wedding invitations professionally printed simply because they don't possess the necessary knowledge and skills to produce them themselves. However, the arrival of the computer in virtually every home today means that you can now make your own wedding invitations without too much trouble at all. You really need only two things – a set of wedding invitation stationery and a guide to the wording that you should use on your invitations.

There is a huge range of wedding stationery available today for you to choose from, either at your local stationery shop or online and you are no longer limited to the traditional colors of white or cream. Wedding stationery today comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and allows you to produce just about any look imaginable to impress your guests.

Along with your stationery set you will also often get a guidebook or leaflet that will take you step-by-step through the process of producing and sending out your invitations and will even give you ideas for items to include with your invitations such as maps and directions and accommodation cards. You will often find that you will also be provided with a guide to wording your invitations and with samples of correctly worded invitations.

If your wedding stationery doesn't include sufficient information then a quick search on any of the major search engines will soon provide just what you are looking for.

When it comes to printing your invitations out you will find that it is a simple matter to design the layout of your invitation cards in your favorite word processor and some programs will even come with suitable templates. The wording itself can be crafted in just about any style you choose from the hundreds of fonts that are also available as standard with most word processing programs today and you can easily imitate both the traditional style of card engraving as well as using handwriting and calligraphy fonts to add the personal details to each invitation.

With some basic wedding stationery and a home computer you can easily make your own wedding invitations, including response cards, maps, directions and accommodation cards and save yourself a small fortune.

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