Reaching potential audiences where they are with business books is best done by offering products on a multiplicity of platforms as author Wm. Hovey Smith has done with his new business title, "Make Your Own Job: Anywhere, Anytime, At Any Age." which was nearly simultaneously published as a softcover, e-book, and audio book through two different publishers. The softcover and e-book were done with Stratton Press and the e-book with ListenUp Productions, in Atlanta, Georgia.
The advantage of a person owning business books in multiple formats is that cloud-downloadable audio books and e-books may be downloadable anywhere and quickly referenced nearly anywhere on the globe at an instant's notice. With many now stuck at home or for those who still make commutes, the possibility of listening to an audio book in a car or while making a cross-country or international trip is a significant advantage. Softcover titles are preferred by those who may wish to have a lasting reference at their fingertips, learn more effectively from using written content, desire to send a physical object as a gift, or who do not have access to the internet.
As this book is intended to be used by those who have little or no previous business experience, it is written to enable anyone to conceive of a viable business possibility, explore that concept, execute it with any degree of thoroughness that is desired, and act on it to do anything from raising immediate cash to founding a temporary venture to a company that might evolve into a multi-million dollar company.
Rather than teaching a single business model, say flipping houses, Smith advocates a search of life experiences and from these and every-day observations select potential businesses that are within their present physical, financial, and legal abilities. Use these businesses as needed and as more experiences are acquired move from short-term activities, say e-Bay selling, to medium term business, neighborhood yard care, to long term activities such as obtaining professional degrees or trade certifications. These businesses may range from those that require more physical activities early in life to those that are more intellectually based as life progresses.
The ultimate objective is to pay for one’s immediate needs as a young person, earn enough to obtain professional training, practice a profession as an adult and obtain health insurance through a company, develop your own business while you are employed, and then if abruptly terminated, have a business that is already going to fall back on when it is needed.
A unique feature of the author’s book is that it shows how to categorizes potential business opportunities into short, medium and long term possibilities and select opportunities that best fit immediate circumstances and act on them so that a business is developed that fits one’s interests and capabilities. These opportunities may be in retail trade, personal services, selling knowledge, inventions, or the creative arts.
Some of the author’s precepts are: “There is nothing in human experience that cannot be turned into profit by an inventive mind;” “There are very few people that I cannot learn something from or teach something to;” and “Serving humanity in a meaningful way is often the best way to serve yourself.”
Besides these aspects of the topic, there are practical chapters on how to select a business name, become licensed in your state, dispose if a business and obtain copyrights, trademarks and patents. This audio book is supplemented by YouTube videos that cover many practical topics related to business formation.

Author's Bio: 

Wm. Hovey Smith was born in rural Georgia three days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He attended the University of Georgia, served as a Combat Engineer Officer in Alaska, obtained his M.S. in geology from the University of Alaska and worked as an exploration geologist throughout the U.S. He also took advanced training at the University of Arizona and University of Arkansas. Most of this employment would now be called gig work, and he began selling outdoor articles in the 1970 and later became a newspaper correspondent for regional papers in his home state. He later published over 20 softcover and e-books on outdoor topics, health, architecture, geology and business. From time to time he worked for retail stores and operated his own store-front business. He also hosted a podcast radio show “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures.” Now 79 he is working on his first novel, screenplay and movie project, “Father of the Grooms” which will first appear as an audio book in 2021 as “Until Death Do You Part.”