Are you thinking about buying your first bike or a new bike?

Maybe you are still in the dilemma of buying a petrol bike because since the invention of the two-wheelers people are buying it. And why not? Of course, they proved an effective way of transportation. But did you know there is also a not-so-bright side to it? And that is, they are majorly responsible for the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causes global warming. And you must be very well aware that global warming is hazardous to everyone. It causes drought, storms, extreme heatwaves, and more. In addition to this, air pollution caused because of CO2 which also leads to respiratory diseases.

But the Earth can be saved and so can your health! And you can be the one saving it. Especially teens who are thinking of buying their first bike. Want to know how? Here’s your answer.

Eco-Friendly E-Bikes

First of all, big applause for all the electric bike manufacturers of India for taking the initiative of manufacturing e-bikes. If you are wondering why the appreciation? The reason is that the e-bikes don’t emit carbon dioxide which is responsible for causing air pollution. And that’s why they are knighted as eco-friendly bikes.

According to the study -- Roadmap for Electrification of Urban Freight in India, Around 14 per cent CO2 emission can be cut by the year 2030 because of switching from petrol vehicles to electric vehicles. And you can increase this percentage if you start using electric bikes from today onwards. And while riding your eco-friendly e-bikes, you will always feel proud as you are not causing harm to the environment. By looking at your e-bike, others might also feel motivated to contribute to the green cause. You can be the inspiration!

Pocket Friendly

You must be well aware that the cost of riding a fuel bike is tremendous. For instance, the petrol price is 90 ₹ per liter. So tell me, would you like to bring that price down to just INR 0.25 per km? I am not kidding, it is possible, but only if you buy an electric bike as it doesn’t use money eating internal combustion engine but a lithium-ion battery to run the vehicle that consumes just a couple of units of electricity. And yes, these batteries get charged quickly.

Anyway, electric bikes are really amazing for teens who are thinking of buying their first-ever bike as instead of letting the fuel bike consume their money, they can use it for eating a burger.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

Usually, the Internal combustion engine of a fossil fuel bike consists of 2000 plus moving parts. Due to the mechanical complexion of these bikes, there are high chances of mechanical failure. And the maintenance costs can go up to INR 5000. But if you buy an electric bike, your money can be saved a lot as it consists of less than 20 parts. These parts require little maintenance as compared to petrol bikes. You don’t have to worry about changing oil, spark plugs, air filters, timing belts, gearbox, clutch, etc as the electric bikes don’t require such stuff to operate.

There is one more money earning opportunity for you!

You can set up charging stations outside your house, shop, office or anywhere on your property and start earning by allowing other electric vehicles to charge (Incredible, right?).

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Consistent innovation by electric bike manufacturers has led to the manufacturing of long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. For example, with a full charge of 5 to 5.5 hours, the Monster E-Bike can run up to 100 km. If you are wondering where and how to set the charging point at your house, then don’t worry because the technicians will come to your house and install the charging point for your e-bike. Additionally, you don’t even have to worry about the charging station because they are situated at petrol pumps, malls, offices, and restaurants. There are also various swapping stations situated across India. These stations allow you to replace discharged batteries quickly with the charged batteries. Stations are located at There are stations situated in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, Mumbai and various other parts of India.

No Licence, No Registration

If you are a teen of age below 16, then you are not eligible to drive a petrol bike(yeah, that’s sad). But worry not because now you can ride an electric bike. An electric bike like Wolf from Joy E-Bike doesn’t require a licence and registration to drive. The reason for this is that e-bikes having a speed of 25kmph is exempted from licence and registration.

More Tranquil Than Petrol Bike

Imagine your friend is coming to meet you after a long time and you are eagerly waiting to tell all the gossips and stuff to the friend. So you went to pick up your friend from the station. But hey, sadly, you will have to wait to start the conversation because of all the noise coming from your petrol bike. Additionally, if it is traffic then you and your friend will be also breathing harmful air pollutants at a double rate. However, if you would have been using an electric bike, then you would have had a nice chat with your friend because the e-bikes are quieter than petrol bikes.

Save Tax

As electric bikes are eco friendly, the government has taken steps to promote the sale of the bike. One major step is that you will get income tax rebates on the interest paid on loans taken to buy the electric vehicles. You will get tax benefits of up to INR 1.5 lacs according to section 80EEB. However, you have to satisfy two conditions to avail the tax benefits as follow:
The loan should be sanctioned between 1st April 2019 and March 31, 2023
The loan must be taken from a financial institution

In addition to this, GST on electric vehicles has also been reduced from 12 per cent to 5 per cent.

Speed Bike

Of course, there are bikes that have amazing speed. For instance, Joy E-Bike which is one of the top electric bike brands in India has manufactured E-Monster that can give an amazing speed from 0 to 100 mph within 7 seconds.

Throughout this article, you have read the word Joy E-Bike. So are you curious to know more about it?

Joy E-Bike is India’s best electric bike manufacturer having 8 plus models. They have electric vehicles right from scooters to motorcycles. For their eco-friendly bikes equipped with the latest features and performance, they were awarded as ‘Best Brand of The Year’ in 2020 by Economic Times. Soon they are going to launch superbikes named as Skyline, Thunderbolt, Hurricane, and Beast that are powered by amazing speed.

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Joy E-Bike
Joy e-bike is a brand with motorable vehicles which are eco-friendly & sustainable to nature & for which we don't need registration, license, fuel etc. With innovation being an integral part, our idea is to bring something new to the market, which can also help fight climate change.