Learn the Art-2-Start a Personal Transformation Journey.
Learn the Art-2-Standout amongst your Peers & Competitors.
Prepare & Position yourself, for the Bigger Perks in Life.

Whom will the 2-Rings Formula
be useful for?
For those, who aspire for A Big Leap in Life.
For those, Who's not Content with present success to make your mark glow
For those, Who wants to Access The Higher Potential.

It does not matter what Vocation or Calling you are persuing.
Be it.....

Professional Career
Sports & Entertainment
Public Service

Who should attend this Seminar?
People having Bigger Aspirations from Life to make your mark glow
People having the Burning Quest for Personal Transformation & making a larger Impact to make your mark glow
And people scouting for Best-in-class Learning & Development, are potential participants for this Seminar to make your mark glow.

Attending as a group has tremendous advantages & highly recommended for Businesses, Sports Teams, Associations, Social Enterprises, Startups, etc, to make your mark glow

Rights to Admission are Reserved. The Confirmation to attend, is subject to approval, by the Events Organising team.

All participants must be 21 years or above.

Make your mark glow
It’s time that you discover your potentials and make your mark glow to get most for your future


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Why Syaxe Varsity?
Syaxe varsity, the one-stop destination for every individual to find peaceful, challenging and successful life, at Syaxe varsity, we help in personal development and solution in all means and creative ability and genuine about accomplishing the most remarkable results of your life…

Leadership is a dealer in hope
The purpose of Syaxe varsity is to enable people to realize how they can have as positive approach and develop an impact on their life to achieve leadership qualities. And we are all leaders, we all influence other people. The question becomes, ‘What kind of impression do we want to have?