Shoving the desk in a corner works. Set a chair in front of it, and you've got a home office. By the time you set up the computer, keyboard and screen, things start to get crowded.

If the printer fits on that small end table and you push things around, you have enough space to sort papers and pay bills. What's wrong with this picture? It's functional, but you deserve a workspace that actually works. The reality is that designing and building your home-based office can be a tall order for any homeowner. This article will provide tips to assist homeowners in the creation of a home office.

When designing your home office you should first “Picture the Space.” We all appreciate the benefits of a well-organized area. A home office, especially in our global pandemic times, has transformed for many into your sacred and beloved personal space. This is where you are able to escape from your fellow household inhabitants and catch up on your essential paperwork and business.

The advantage of a well-designed home office is that the space works for you. Look around your current setup, and picture filing cabinets that are actually attractive. That sunny corner is perfect for a built-in desk with roomy storage overhead. Imagine deep drawers that glide open, and shelves designed for more than books.

The next tip for the creation of your perfect home office space is to “Make It Your Own.” When it comes to your desk, size really does count. The extra real estate lets you spread out, and a built-in station allows you to expand your working area with counters on either side. This also gives you the ideal location for filing drawers disguised as attractive cabinets. Without leaving your chair, you have everything within easy reach. You can relax at a spacious desk in front of your favorite window and enjoy plenty of storage too. With a little custom work, bookcases become decorating touches that add visual interest to the room.

A well-designed mix of shapes and sizes turns a boring wall into an appealing focal point. Add recessed lighting, and the entire space takes on a new dimension.

The last recommendation for the building of an exceptional home office area is to “Share the Room.” Think about how your current home office works. Every member of the family uses it so often that it becomes a busy communal space. With a little remodeling, everyone has an area to call their own. The kids can claim the lower cabinets while you keep important papers safe in overhead units that slide open with a touch. Folding louvered doors allow you to close up your recessed desk area at the end of the day. A large-screen TV mounted on the wall is cleverly disguised behind lovely paneling, and that work-top counter has plenty of room underneath for a mini fridge.

Home remodeling and additions add to the value of your home.

With the right design and the hiring of construction experts, your home office will assuredly add value to your working day.

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