Agate slabs is a semi-precious stone. Agate slabs are known for the positive purpose of power to achieve personal objectives. This natural stone is also used for the purpose of interior decoration. Agate slabs are the most famous semi-precious gemstone used in the decoration of any home, office, restaurant, bar, hospitals and other showrooms.
The Divya Gem Stonex has different colors of Agate slabs such as Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Purple, White and Yellow. These beautiful colors make this stone amazing. People love Agate slabs because of their beauty, resistance, highly attractive looks, durability, flexibility, and color. We are one of the most reputed manufacturers of Agate slabs in India.
Agate slabs are widely used in luxury interior design for a touch of smoothness that comes with grace. Each slab of apatite stone is an excellent one in itself and increases the volume. Divya Gem Stonex knows our customers' tastes and also offers them our products as per their specific requirements. Shiny Agate slabs are our customers' first choice.
Agate slabs are widely used to make unique furniture, bath accessories, bath showers, spas, accent walls, photoelastic space, flooring, tabletops, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, and other interior decorative items. This stone is in high demand because of its stylish design, glamour and fashionable look and long-lasting life.
You will never find two agate slabs to share the same form from the same sample. This fact alone makes this gemstone, which is worth keeping. The only closed stone of the family (Chalcedony) develops into cavities of volcanic rocks. The colorful movement has won the hearts of people all over the world. Its form is so heavy that people continue to use it in various forms, from jewelry to home decor and modern use in furniture.
Agates were in use from 20000 BCE to 16000 BCE. Maybe the people of the cave use it to make jewelry for their girlfriends or wife (s), or they used it only to throw it at their angry neighbor. Agate is a very old gemstone and because of it’s hardness and colorfulness, it was one of the first materials familiar to mankind.
In the past, agate bowls were very famous. Mitra dates, the king of Pontus, has taken three thousand bowls made of early gemstones. Even today, some collections of early bowls by royal families are on display in museums in European countries.
Egypt’s had specific significance with 12th and 14th wedding anniversaries. They are gifted to such couples who have completed 12 or 14 years of age. This gemstone is considered to be an excellent gemstone for pregnancy-related situations and is said to protect the mother and child.
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Agate slabs is a semi-precious stone. Agate slabs are known for the positive purpose of power to achieve personal objectives.