2012 is the year which is grabbing attention of many since long before its arrival. Many prophesies has been made by the people world-wide, some people think it is auspicious for them and on the contrary some think that this year is not good for them. Let us see your 2012 horoscopes and then decide whether it is fruitful or fruitless for you. Many people look for weekly horoscopes as well as monthly horoscopes but as here we are talking about mysterious year 2012 so let us discuss it at yearly basis. Although in terms of career horoscopes it seems to be over all nice for youngster where as if we talk about love horoscopes it works differently for individuals depending on the their respective sun signs.

Aries: This year seems to be smiling at people with Aries as sun sign. They will see the income graph going up; even going for money investments will prove to be a good idea for you. Married life will remain balanced and bachelors and spinsters are expected to get married.

Taurus: This year has come up with challenges and excitement for you. Your hard work and patience will give new growth to your carrier. You are advised to be wise on expenses. Love might come in your life in most surprising ways.

Gemini: If you are planning to buy some property then the time is suitable for you. Your career will see a steady rise. Married Life will go smooth this year, but try to devote more time to your partner.

Cancer: Although it is a mixed year for cancer folks, but negative thoughts might overcome you positive ones, turning you out to be pessimist. Try to remain calm and positive, everything will fall into place after a while.

Leo: Luck shall assist you throughout the year. Your financial graph does not seem to favor you so much. You might be entering your married life this year. Chances of enjoying short term relationship also exist.

Virgo: This is high time you can show your creativity to the world, don’t let yourself hidden, and show the world what you are capable of.

Libra: Nearby May to July you might have luck’s positive stroke. Financial condition seems to be strong. Chances of meeting your dream girl looks like favoring you. People will give importance to your opinion.

Scorpio: Working people can expect increment and promotions this year. Try to minimize your expenditures, make monetary decisions wisely. Your behavior in relationships will decide a lot.

Sagittarius: Life will run smooth as compare to last year. Career and job will see a good rise. Hurdles may try to stop your way, but your hard work ultimately has to win. Love lives can see a good relationship cropping.

Capricorn: You will stay contented and satisfied the whole year. There will be an eternal calmness inside. You might fall in love with someone whom you haven’t considered earlier.

Aquarius: This is the year for you; hard work of previous year will give you fruitful results this year. Luck will flourish your career but plans for changing job may prove to be hazardous.

Pisces: You will have a slow start of year. You need to work hard to meet your plans. Things will get better with time; keep patience. You will make new friends this year.

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