Students studying for board exams make learnings in a single directed way many times. It may make the learnings boring too.

Make learning enjoyable, comfortable, and smart for skillful time utilization with academic hacks.

Here is a quick rundown on how to make your child’s board exam easy with academic hacks.

Walk out of the boredom and make learning enjoyable and a journey to look forward always.

Teaching your school children to get organized is one of the best-recommended strategies to lead a successful academic life. And, if your children have board exams, then it is compulsory that they are organized to manage simple things efficiently and concentrate time on academic efforts.

It is not a call for an extra quality or learnings, but it is doing the same thing in a much simpler and smarter way to save time, make things better and more manageable.

Here is a list of academic hacks to make your child’s board exam easy.

Make Your Child’s Board Exam Easy with These Academic Hacks:

If you have a bunch of notes that are of similar size and pattern in the book rack, it is best to color the corners to identify the subject notes without disturbing the arrangement. The rack looks attractive and also you can easily select the book you want for reference.

Always write your first draft in hand. When you write using the hand rather than a keyboard, the sensory and motor nerves of eyes, hand, and mind co-ordinate with each other and helps to recall easily.

And, while writing, you will come up with new ideas to make the learnings advanced. If it looks messy, not an issue, continue writing in hand.

Do not sit in the same place always to study. If you are stuck to a chair in the room, walk out and sit in the terrace, balcony, or the hall and start reading. Go to the school library or a coffee shop and try reading there. A change in reading habit or environment brings creativity in learning.

One of the recommended digital ways of learning is to copy the written text into Google translate and listen to it. This helps to identify the mistakes, or any irregularities in the content flow and bring necessary corrective measures.

Use the Pomodoro techniques to study fast and efficiently. It is helpful to make you stay focused on the task. Schedule your study period with distraction-free block alternated with the break time.

Pretending to teach a topic to help you concentrate more on the topic. It helps you to absorb the content entirely and paves the way to add more to it. And, you start researching on the topic more, which broadens your horizon of studies.

Listen to a soundtrack that contains natural sounds like ocean water, forest, water springs, or any light melodious music. Water sound helps to relax the mind, puts you off to sleep, increase focus, enhance mood, and productivity.

Use of Google scholar helps to attain resources of articles and textbooks. It searches varied resources and fetches you more resources to read. It helps to make your assignment writing informative and impressive.

In addition to Google Scholar, use Wikipedia to get resources. The references or resources identified through Wikipedia strengthens your subject knowledge. Reading the resources helps to cut unnecessary words and write strong words in support of the topic concerned.

When you are preparing for a presentation or inter-school competition, you can Google search by typing the topic and filetype: ppt. The explanations in ppts are easier to understand and follow quickly.

Likewise, you can check for digital copies of your textbook(s) by typing the name of the textbook followed by filetype: pdf.

When you are preparing for ppt. Presentation, it is recommended to use meme font if you have a dark background. As the font is white with a black outline of the letters, it is visible easily on its background and makes the presentation appealing.

If you struggle to get up early in the morning, then it is recommended to set alarm in mobile and keep it inside a glass. It will amplify the sound to a few decibels which are alarming in the morning and you tend to get up without fail.

Combat your smelly shoes, bags, or racks by spicing them up. You can keep a tea bag, flowers or spices and put them in the locker, bag, or shoes to prevent the smell. It is an eco-friendly way to fix the smelly items.

Creating mind maps help you to learn quickly. A flow chart, diagrams, tables, and more help you to recall them anytime. And mention not to say, do not use copied mindmaps, prepare yourself for an active recall of the points related to the concerned topic.

Write positive affirmations to motivate yourself. You can use a mirror, glass, frames, and, etc., as a substitute for whiteboard, and scramble last minute formulas, to-do-things, and other important notes.

Use educational apps and be competent. Practice the chapter-wise tests and online test series regularly, which help you to stay ahead in the academics with adequate preparation. Further, the educational apps help you to take aptitude tests, which is necessary for competitive exams.

Take frequent breaks from the studies. Long hours of studies exhaust the mind. It is better to take regular breaks and start again. The breaks may include a walk, listening to favorite music, helping in the kitchen, or anything that interests you. Caution: Do not take more than 15-20 minutes.

A Final Note:

These small tips cannot be learned in the academic syllabus. These are developed through experience and developed in due course. It helps to have a functional study-life balance.

These are some of the academic hacks to utilize time efficiently and skillfully. If you have any other hacks to add-on to the list, comment in the section below.

Do not leave things at the mercy of time. Take time under your control for improved efficiency and enhanced skills.

Make your student life convenient and comfortable.

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