1.Follow the latest bridal week shows on television
famous fashion shows to fashion weeks and more, designers are showcasing the latest chic bridal wear collections for would be brides. This is your cue to know of the latest trends; keeping in mind that your wedding is a few weeks away. Take a look at the styles and the designs,the dominant colors of trend.

2.Narrow down the list of bridal stores you want to visit
Take an evening off and sit by yourself to check out the best and the most popular bridal stores around the city. Also check nationwide if your budget allows for shipping costs and if there is time to do that. This would give you an idea about the prices, styles and designs, and the reputation of the designer too. Narrow down the list and stick to one or two to visit in person, if you plan to buy the bridal ensemble on your own.

3.Hire a wedding shopper if you need to
Most would-be brides these days have a career to manage and a wedding to plan at the same time, and sometimes it can take a toll on them balancing the act. If you know you are pressed for time and cannot manage what you want for the wedding, hire a wedding shopper to help you with the wedding shopping. Sit and discuss with them your needs on your week off, and plan your trousseau and the look accordingly

4.Would it be a lehenga, a saree or a wedding salwar?
When you have a choice to make from the three, do it wisely. Don’t run for the looks you see on the ramps, on television shows or on a glossy magazine cover. Sit and get your trials done, visit the boutiques in person to get a feel of the fabrics and the cut or styles they flaunt, and then make a decision on the same.

5.Be honest with your body measurements
When stitching your bridal wear, be very realistic with your measurements. An inch loose is okay to have than an inch tight; you would get all squishy and frumpy at your own wedding, and if you aren’t comfortable with what you wear, it would show on your face.

6.Don’t cross and overdo on your budget
Budgets are very important to maintain for the wedding, which is why we would ask you to stick by them. Don’t compromise for cheaper qualities, though, but search around early on and check for bridal wear that keeps the wallet and your soul happy. Follow your gut instinct and pick the bridal wear you plan to have for your wedding.

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That said, many of these wedding invitation sayings are also perfect for wedding toasts. Yes, they may be on the sappy side, but hey, it’s a wedding – you’re allowed.