Even though one generation can start to experience something around a certain age, it doesn’t mean that the next generation will start to the experience the same thing around the same age. There is the chance that one generation will end up starting something far earlier than the generation before them.

And depending on what this relates to, someone could say that this is a good thing or a bad thing, or that it is simply neutral. For example, if one was to speak to a number of women in their fifties and they were to ask them about when they first started wearing makeup, they might find out that this was something that generally took place in their early twenties.


However, if they were to ask the same question to a number of women who are in their twenties, they may find out that this was something that took place before they were even a teenager. Therefore, by the time they were in their teenage years, they had a good understanding of how to use make up.

But while it could be said that this is not something that is going to apply to every woman who is in their twenties, there are going to be plenty of women who can relate to it. Along with this, it could also be said that not every woman who is in her fifties will have had her first experience of make up during her early twenties.

A Different World

So although there are going to be exceptions here; what can’t be overlooked is the fact that today’s world is very different to how it was in the past. One way of looking at it would be to say that we live in a permissive age.

It is not uncommon for older generations to be shocked by what children and young adults are allowed to get away with. Yet at the same time, it would be inaccurate to say that this is anything new, as it could be said that this is something that has always taken place to one degree or another.

A Greater Change

Having said that, there are some generations that go through greater changes than others do during their early years, and it could be said that this is something that applies to the younger generation in today’s world. It has been said that children are forced to grow up to soon nowadays, and through feeling more mature, it is only normal for them to want to dress like an adult.

It has been sad that the mainstream media plays a big part in this, and along with this, technology is also said to play a significant part. But while wearing make up at a younger age can cause a girl to have a better understanding of it as she gets older, it can also cause her to have a greater dependence on it as she gets older.


Once she gets into her teenage years, it can end up being seen as normal part of life, and this can mean that she will feel the need to wear it at all times. In this sense, it might not be something that she will add to accentuate certain features; it could be something she will need in order to look right.

If this was to happen, it would be a sign that she has ended up becoming dependent on make up. She may believe that it is not something that she can use to accentuate certain features; it is something she needs in order to completely change how she looks.

In General
This is not to say that a woman had to start wearing make up at such a young age in order to have this outlook, as it is an outlook that can occur regardless of when she first started wearing it. Nevertheless, when she does wear it, she could end up feeling good about herself.

On one side, this could be because of how she looks in the mirror, and on the other side, it could be due to how other people respond to her. These two sources can then come together and she can end up accepting her appearance.

When It Comes Off

If she was to take her make up off or even to cut down on the amount she used, she could soon find that she no longer feels as good as she did before. And it might not matter whether she is around other people or by herself.

The reason her inner state could change is likely to be because she will end up looking radically different. So even though she is still the same person; she could end up looking like someone else.

It’s Normal

Now, if she was to talk to someone about how she feels when she takes her make up off or when she doesn’t wear as much, they may reassure her and tell her that she looks fine, for instance. It could be said that this is the kind of response that she should receive if she was talking to a friend.

Yet without even reassuring her, what a friend could say is that it is normal that she feels the way she does. For so long, she has been accustomed to looking a certain way, and as she doesn’t look that way when she takes her make up off and when she doesn’t wear as much, it is to be expected that she will find it hard to accept how she looks.

For Example

If she was someone who added a lot of salt to her food and then she cut back, there is a good chance that the food wouldn’t taste as good as it did before. But while the food doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t mean that the food isn’t very good; it simply comes down to that fact that she added so much salt to begin with.

And through removing the salt that had enhanced the food for so long, it created a contrast between how the food tasted and how the food tastes. So if she was to use a lot of make up and then cut down, a similar contrast will also be created.


Therefore, it is not that she did look good and now she doesn’t; it is that she became accustomed to a certain appearance. And through letting go of how she looked through wearing so much make up, she may gradually begin to accept what she looks like without it or by not wearing as much.

However, in order for a woman to gradually accept her appearance, it may also be necessary for her to realise her own self-worth. This is something that can take place through reading books that go into this area and then applying what has been learnt, but if this is not enough, she may need to seek the assistance of a therapist.

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