I am happy to report that I have been invited to speak as one of 45 Masters of Prosperity part of a great new series of Prosperity & Abundance interviews taking place June 11-29, and I want YOU to join me.

I promise you’ll get a lot out of it because I am teaming up with Ryan Harris, host of Prosperity Radio, who will be interviewing me on a fun half-hour call in which I will be sharing a powerful story of how my life was dramatically and permanently changed for the better by applying a key principle of success and prosperity.

You may not have heard this story before, and if you apply what I am going to share, your life can dramatically improve too, so make sure you register to get:

Access to 45 Powerful, Practical Prosperity and Abundance Interviews
• Specific Techniques to Accelerate Your Abundance
• All Of It Is Entirely Free and Nothing Is Being Sold On The Calls
• It’s Just Great Content to Help You Become the Person You Came Here To Be!
• You Can Listen to Just One, or Any of 45 Powerful Interviews, But You Have to Register
• June 11-29th, 2012, with Three Interviews Per Day for 15 Weekdays

This is perfect if you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or if you just know that you are capable of achieving more. I want you to live your life at a higher level too, and these down-to-earth teachers are taking time out of their busy schedules to share their very best secrets that you need to knock it out of the park this year, and from here on out. So register now and share the link with your friends.

If you can’t make one of the calls, no problem, replay links will be provided, but you must register. Do it now while it’s on your mind.

I can’t wait to see you there! The Masters of Prosperity 2012 Registration Page

Author's Bio: 

When David Riklan started building SelfGrowth.com over 10 years ago, he had a simple mission: to provide quality information about great resources for people to improve their lives.

His goal was to provide the widest array of information on topics that people cared about, including health, finances, relationships, spirituality and personal success. He studied the experts and was determined to bring the best information available to the widest range of people.

His philosophy was simple. There is no “one secret” to success. What works for one person may not particularly work for the next. With that philosophy in mind, he built the # 1 self improvement website on the internet, published 5 books and, through his speaking and seminars, teaches countless people how to match their needs and background to the philosophy, the system, the product and the expert that will work best for them.

The Masters of Prosperity will be the largest event of its kind ever held. 45 speakers, 45 stories, 15 days of interviews, all under one “one roof”. You will hear the Secrets of Prosperity from those who have mastered the art of conscious living. Never before have there been so many Prosperity Masters in one online gathering. So register now by clicking HERE