Today we are here to present Imperium Motor Company. This latest EV brand will give a wide class of the best affordable electric car and vehicle that are properly outfitted for the American business, featuring fabulous design, a fresh mindset, appearance, and functionality. Vehicles will include low Speed, Mid Speed, and high-Speed electric vehicles, involving Cars, Trucks, Vans, Buses, and Scooters.

Imperium EV is establishing a New American Dream with global co-workers. They are developing the most energetic, most convenient EV business in the universe. The massive automakers can't meet their pricing because they are extensive vertical sections, and they are flexible, collaborative, and community determined. The market requires bold, excellent service at affordable costs. And they are planning a stabler approach to get there.

Why Choose Imperium EV?

It is the only business globally that can give numerous affordable Electric Vehicle opportunities to the customer.
Company with 30+ years of experience in the EV area.

An ecosystem built for success.

A legation and plan regulated with customer viewpoint.

A world-class administration team and committee of directors.

Most beneficial in class construction/assistance with Jonway and Skywell.

Independent distribution deals for North America.
Experience to allow the cheapest cost EVs to the business.
Multiple battery resolutions involving lithium battery boxes open on the largest vehicles.

They are devoted to providing high quality and benefit in your electric vehicle selection.

They use practical and environmentally beneficial equipment systems.

Electric Vehicles Provided By Imperium EV

Maxi Sport Sedan & SUV

Accommodation for 4 persons.
Steel lock cell structure
Up to 40 km/h (25 mph) for LSV model or 60 km/h (35 mph) for mid-speed archetype
Up to 150 km (93 miles) with Lithium battery package
Appliances: Automatic gears, alloy motors, air conditioning, heater, control windows, power entry locks, rear camera, start button origin, Am-Fm USB/SD radio, a rear fixed thin wheel on SUV design, and further!

Urbee 4S

Accommodation for 4 persons.
Steel lock cell structure
4.5 kW brushless DC motor
Up to 55 km/h (25 mph or 35 mph flexible)
Up to 120 km (75 miles) on a particular charge or extra with an unrestricted lithium battery package
72-volt 720 Ah with AGM Battery box or optional Lithium battery deck
Appliances: Electronic broadcast, alloy rollers, available air conditioning, heater, potential windows, power entry barriers, rear camera, Am-Fm USB/SD hi-fi, and more!

Rumble V4

Highest speed - 70 mph
Limit per complete charge - 130 miles
Netload - 230 lbs
Engine size - 130/70 R16
Dimensions - 1800x460x800 mm
Seat height - 31 inches
Motor strength - 8000W, peak energy 14kw
Battery charge - 72V / 72AH Lithium-ion
Charging period - 3-4 hours 10A fast charger
Car charging connection, charge at any charging location
Motor model - Hub-wound motor
Artificial motor sound quality.


Motor: 500W
Battery: Samsung lithium-ion 48V 15AH
Highest speed: 30 mph / 50 km/h
Scale: Throttle - 45 miles range pedal support - 65 miles range
Material: Aluminum metal
Detachable battery: 5 seconds to remove
Dimensions: L 65 * W 24 * H 42 Inches
Mass of the Rover: 79 lbs
Max capacity: 330 lbs
Color: Space gray
Wheels: 20" Fat tires

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