Considering that the holidays are coming up, especially Thanksgiving and Black Friday, you will agree that things are in a rush. And that includes your lead generation campaign. Depending on what business you offer, there will be firms that will be in need of what you have. These are potential B2B leads that your sales team should go after. Your sales representatives are one of the most important assets in your company. They are those who can work on a market, using a variety of communication tools like telemarketing. You should make sure that you are working with people who know the market and the way to generate sales leads. If you think about the incoming holiday rush, you really have to get your things in order. You also have to make sure that your sales team is:

1.Doing more sales –
too often, we find sales people bogged down with paperwork. Filling forms, writing replies, recording data manually, all these things will only slow them down, keeping them from doing what they do best: business appointment setting. As much as possible, streamline your processes so that your sales people can sell or generate B2B leads more with less paperwork.

2.Doing less sales meetings –
sure, meeting with your sales team is good, since it can help you gauge the success of your campaign. But if you spend most of your time meeting with them, you are not making any sales. This is just a total waste of your time. Remember, the only reason you should have a sales meeting is to increase sales. If not, then you should not conduct one at all.

3.Doing things in a level field –
playing favorites, either with each other or with you sends a message to the rest of the sales team: the office environment is not fair. This is a real killer of morale. And if there is anything you would not want in your lead generation campaign, it is low morale of your people.

4.Doing things to motivate each other –
yes, money is an excellent way to boost the morale of your sales people, but there are also non-financial ones that can do the same job. If bringing a teddy bear makes them work better, so be it. What matters is you show that you care, not to mention keeping your word. These simple things are what keep motivation high with your people.

5.Doing things the best way they know –
while telling them what to do may seem like a little investment in streamlining, most appointment setters have their own styles in getting sales leads. Let them do it, as long as you make sure they follow your general guidelines. And please, do not change your sales and lead generation processes too often. It will only mess things up with the way your people do your work.

These are very useful tactics, ones that your sales team should do. Come to think of it, these tips are sure ways to ensure that your lead generation campaign runs smoothly in the long run.

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