Who says getting what you want out of life has to be hard?. Getting what you want out of life is actually easier than you think. Turns out, all that clutter you have in your car, garage, wardrobe, or paperwork on your desk just might be the culprit to what's holding you back from getting all you want out of life.

Could it really be as easy as declutter your space? Proof is in the pudding.

Before I started my holistic business, I had another business helping small businesses get their finances in order. And while I was very successful, it was far from my life path. I often called it "my get out of debt business" because that's what it did.

When I realized that holistic health was my calling, I had to make time for my education. This was quite a juggling act. By making my education a priority, and before I even finished my studies my life took a drastic shift and FAST for the better.

You see, getting what you want is relatively simple. What you're passionate about might take some time to figure out, but it's worth it.

Here are my 5 Easy Steps to Getting Bigger and Better things out of your life (and FAST!)
•Make Time. I bet you love the excuse "I just don't have time." I'm calling your bluff. It's called 'making time'. When you make time for what you really want out of life you are telling the universe you are ready to receive it. If it doesn't know you want it, it won't ever show up, but when you make time it sends a message out into cyberspace to bring it to you in the form of an opportunity.
•Make it a Priority. It's mandatory that you make it a priority. Whether you want to lose 100 pounds or find the love of your life; you have to make it a priority. The way to do that is to make space for Mr. Right or that fabulous new business to appear.
•Make a List. (and check it twice) When you make a list of all the areas in your life where there is clutter; it's easier to see in black and white what you're holding on to that is no longer serving you. Grab that notebook and get clear about what, who, and where in your life there is clutter.
•Get to Work. Now that you've made time for your bigger and better things to show up; and most definitely made it a priority by making a list; it's now time to get to work. Cleaning out clutter in ALL areas of life is actually fun. It's like being a little kid in the candy store... which flavor will you choose? Do you want a better body, better health, an awesome spouse, or a new career path? When you make space for these things to show up, guess what?
•Watch Magic Happen Fast. They happen at lightning speed! Magic isn't just silly tricks or pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It works in real life and it's fascinating. The best way to get bigger and better things out of your life is to make room for them to show up.

When you do these 5 things, life tastes delicious. You deserve all the happiness, luxury, and health in the world. Don't settle for what you have now, always pursue what it is you truly want (deep down to your soul). Never stop setting goals or making space for fabulous things to show up. It truly is the magic genie lamp. What is it you wish for? Make a wish that counts.

Author's Bio: 

Angel Quintana is the Founder/CEO of Holistic Fashionista magazine, the #1 online haven for rad chicks in business. Her extensive knowledge in brand building, search engine marketing, and authentic selling strategies naturally attracts rebels, tastemakers, and visionaries who are ready to ditch the copycat syndrome, play by their own rules, and curate a sustainable and profitable brand using the internet.

Her innovative coaching program, Signature System helps business trendsetters develop and market a step-by-step plan that solves an urgent problem in the marketplace using what they already have in their personal toolbox. To get started in developing your Signature System and developing a cutting-edge brand that stands out, take The Business Trendsetter Archetype Quiz found at www.HolisticFashionista.com or visit her website to learn more about her private and group coaching programs at www.AngelQuintana.com.