Many reasons exist for to make my hair grow faster so that I can have long hair, say for example a wedding, a reunion, trying to look like a popular movie star, or my boyfriend want me to have long hair. Whatever the reason, growing hair is often not as easy as it might appear for the majority of females.

One necessary action to make my hair grow faster is to trim the damaged parts and the split ends. Ladies who want longer hair often fail to do this because they do not want to eliminate whatever growth they may have already achieved. You should get rid of the damaged hair one half inch every month, or more if there is a lot of damage. Otherwise you will continue to have the damage, and your hair will not grow. If your hair is healthy you will simply have to trim it less often. If you visit a stylist, have it trimmed so it is all the same length.

Permanents, dyeing, bleaching or relaxing your hair also can cause damage, so you should stop the harmful chemicals so that you can promote growth. A consistent hair style such as a pony tail or braiding can also be culprits. Your hair doesn't like heat, so stay away from curling irons.

Shampoo your hair often to remove oil and dirt so as not to hinder your hair follicles from doing their job. Make use conditioner after shampooing. If your hair is dry, deep-condition it occasionally. Do not forget to regularly clean your hair brushes.

The average hair growth rate is 0.5 inch a month, but there are a number of things in trying to grow long hair. Many times medicine, stress, and just aging can impact your hair negatively. Also a medical condition such as an under-active thyroid or other physical condition problems may play a part.

If perchance you are not eating healthy, this also can be a detriment to growing hair. The overall health of your body will be reflected in the condition of your hair, so you'll want to get enough sleep. Eat well-balanced meals, and get some exercise. Studies have shown that ingesting protein-rich foods can be helpful, so try to eat red meat for protein along with its iron and zinc.

Eat fruits and veggies. Some girls also believe that consuming vitamin supplements is useful, so they take Vitamin A, and B vitamins including B-6. Others feel the addition of amino acids or folic acid is what is needed.

Simply take the steps above to achieve the long crowning glory you want!

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