Are you planning to move, and is your moving checklist ready? Getting a “NO” answer isn’t a surprise at all. In fact, quite a number of people move without using a checklist. Some say it’s not really necessary. Others say that they can memorize everything, while there are those who claim that the movers can handle it.

Truth is that failing to use a checklist is planning a failure. I mean, how would you track a missing item? How sure will you be that the kids have actually packed their stuff? To avoid a headache, misplacement or disorganization, it’s important to have a checklist.

Why Depend on a Moving Checklist?

The following are reasons that make a checklist a must when planning a move:

-Improved efficiency: Although moving isn’t as impossible as “Moving the mountain,” It can really be daunting especially when you have so much to do with so little time. But with a checklist, you will record everything down and tick it as you box it. Not only will you use minimal effort but are unlikely to leave out an item.

-Time Efficiency: You can have a list whose schedule is monthly, weekly, or daily. This gives you adequate time to pack without having to do it at the last minute.

-Better Organization: Imagine trying to remember in which box you placed an item after sealing and taping them? With a checklist, you won’t need to do this as everything follows a step-by-step approach.

-Peace-of-Mind: Truth is that seeing everything checked or marked gives you peace of mind since you know that nothing has been left out.

Have To Come up With an Effective Checklist

Yes, you may have a checklist. However, it may actually complicate matters. Imagine a list with many small entries or duplicated items? Not only is it a bit lengthy, but may end up confusing you. You’ll tick an item at the beginning, then come to slot that says it’s not ticked. Such inconveniences can be avoided in the following ways:

-Get rid of the clutter: You don’t need to move with broken, worn-out, or worthless objects. Simply throw them away.

-Donate: Giving extra stuff out helps to reduce the volumes and this will also make the checklist simpler.

-Get The Packing Supplies: You’ll have a better checklist if you have the cardboard boxes, plastic containers, packing peanuts, and packing tape ready. It would be simply a matter of matching the list to the items.

-Start with the Non-Essentials: Begin packing and labeling things that you don’t need. For instance, books, magazines, old toys, pictures, and clothes that aren’t fit for the current season can go first.

-Make Labels: Have the labels ready by the time you are coming up with the moving checklist. The will act as a guide when drafting the list.

Final Word

Moving can be a daunting task. There is a chance of poor organization, misplacing stuff, packing an essential item too soon, or not knowing where you placed an item. You can nonetheless save yourself the struggle by using a checklist. And if coming up with one is a challenge, you can always seek assistance from Toronto Service Center.

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