A pair of earrings, a necklace and a brooch forms the most eye-catching golden triangle of your upper body. Simple and elegant earrings can enhance woman’s gentle temperament on any occasions; a pinpoint necklace will act like a bridge to link your body and dressings which to the full declare that you are a woman of temperament; an exquisite brooch can instantly reveal your personality to the fullest which echoes your dressings.
It reminds me of the first female state secretary Madeleine Albright. She often wears different brooches to express her mood and feelings, like an eagle, goat-shaped brooches to speak her tough and persistent style; little angel and butterfly shaped to show her honesty and kindness. Here the little brooch is not just a piece of jewelry. Pearl beads are the most favorable jewelry for female politicians since that pearl can bring out the wearer’s elegant and tolerant. Margaret Thatcher, who had deep understanding that pearl is applicable to every occasion, would wear a string of pearl in the day in line with less the better. In the afternoon she would wear two to show her sincerity and respect for her honored guest while she would like to wear three in the dinner party to go with the splendid and serious atmosphere. In this sense, how important is jewelry to the decoration of our life.
So as ordinary human beings, how shall we improve our images with ordinary jewelry bought from jewelry supply wholesale?
First of all, less is the better. Simple is always the fashion whereas complicated accessories tend to bring cumbersome feelings. Under normal circumstance, it is advisable to wear no less than 3 pieces of jewelry. You know accessories are supporting roles to enhance your temperament and dressings instead of distracting. Otherwise, you will be ignored since the attention has been dragged away.
Second, take good care of the relation between jewelry and environment. Environment here refers to occasions for the jewelry. In the day, it is better to wear some sober, elegant cold color jewelry, such as amethyst and gemstone cabochons. On grand occasion, it is advisable to wear gorgeous jewelry or jewelry with a strong sense of design, such as diamond ruby necklace, emerald earrings and diamond suits.
In addition, considering the relation between jewelry and clothing, jewelry is a supplement to clothing. If you match well jewelry play a finishing touching effect which can bring out the wearer’s unique qualities, otherwise it will ruin the entire beauty. For example, colored dressing can be in compatible with light elegant style jewelry, dressings whose color is not that pure can be matched with bright colored jewelry which forms an exaggerated style.
Last but not least is the analysis of jewelry and face. It would be good to avoid wearing jewelry having similar shape with your face, neither wholly different with. Earrings would be a good balance. Round face give you the impression of sweet and innocent. However, in terms of visual impact it is void of contour. So it is suitable to choose streamlined or small earrings to lengthen your face which will become cornered. Round face girl can also select relatively long necklace on the chest to naturally form U-shaped or V-shaped. How about long face girls? Long face girls can choose geometric patterns or circular structure earrings which can shorten your face visually. Or you can wear a necklace of moderate thickness to balance. Don’t wear jewelry having strong vertical drape. Oval face girls would have a variety of choices only to consider the harmonies between dressing and jewelry.

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