We all love to clean our bodies with a shower gel as it makes us feel fresh and energetic. However, using generous amounts of shower gel to clean the body daily might not be economically feasible for everyone. Therefore, today we are telling you some methods which you can use to make frothy, luxurious, and natural shower gels. Shower gels are made up of essential oils and a special oil which is known as carrier oil is required along with the other ingredients such as honey, liquid soap, etc. Let us look at these methods now:
Coconut milk shower gel
Coconut milk is a natural skin cleanser and it can be used to make a homemade shower gel. To make it you will require half a cup of coconut milk, 1 teaspoon of organic honey, few drops of essential oil, a couple of teaspoons of glycerine, and jojoba oil. Moreover, you will need a 2/3rd cup of liquid soap as well.
Take a funneled bottle and clean it thoroughly. Pour some coconut milk and liquid soap into it. Add a few drops of essential oil (lavender or any other essential oil), jojoba oil, honey, and glycerine into the bottle and shake it well. Your shower gel is now ready to use!
Honey based shower gel
Honey is an ideal ingredient for the shower gels due to its moisturizing effect on the skin. For this shower gel, you will require raw honey up to 5 tablespoons, a couple of tablespoons of olive and castor oil. Half a cup of liquid soap will be required and you might also like to add a few drops of essential oil.
Firstly, pour the liquid soap in the bottle and follow it with honey, olive oil, and castor oil. Now, you can add a few drops of essential oil as per your choice and mix all the ingredients properly by shaking the bottle vigorously. Let the frothy mixture settle and after that, you can use the rejuvenating, natural, and homemade body wash gel.
With soap bars
If you do not want to use many ingredients for your shower gel then you can simply make it with the help of a soap bar. For this shower gel, you just have to take a couple of soap bars and melt them in a microwave.
Now, boil some distilled water and keep adding the melted soap bar till it gets properly mixed in it. Ensure that the soap bar solution is properly mixed with a bottle and then fill it in a bottle. Let the solution cool down and then you can use it as a shower gel.
Nourishing almond oil-based shower gel
A nourishing and natural oil-based shower gel can be prepared with the help of almond oil. For making this shower gel you will need 3 to 4 tablespoons of concentrated almond oil, one cup of rose water, one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, liquid soap (unscented), and essential oils as per your requirement.
Now, mix all the ingredients well after pouring them in a bottle. Shake the bottle well before use and your rejuvenating, soothing, and natural shower gel is ready to use. You can also use a few drops of essential oil made up of citrus or lavender for adding a mesmerizing fragrance to your shower gel.
With Shea butter & almond oil
Melt half-a-cup of Shea butter in a microwave and mix it well with the same amount of almond oil. Add one cup of liquid soap and a few drops of essential oil in the mixture and pour it into a bottle. Shake the bottle properly before using this nourishing shower gel.
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