History as a subject is always considered boring and dull by students. It can be made fascinating for students through various means and methods. Hands-on projects and practical activities provide students in-depth knowledge of the subject. Whether the history is ancient or contemporary, greater interest can be created in students. Usually, history taught in classroom is very textbook based, teachers must take extra –initiatives to instill love for history in students.

Here’s how teachers can bring life to the subject by making it interesting -

Quizzing: Quizzing about state capitals can be a fun game. Ask students to pick up an atlas search places in it or locate their hometown etc.

Field Trip : Teachers can take students to field trips to museums or to visit monuments. Kids will see things differently and understand in better way from real artifacts of the past. Those children studying country’s early days, a tour to city’s historic spots can help children understand theory better.

Stories about Ancient Kings and Queens : Ancient Indian history is one of the richest elements with great kings and rulers being significant part of it. They have played a great role and have set epic examples. From generation to generations, different stories about them have been passed on either by word of mouth or through carefully stored scriptures. Children usually find stories of kings and queens interesting.

Explore Your Heritage and Culture : Give children task to find out about stories, customs, foods, struggles, and successes about your cultural background. Also they should figure out family tree branches into several regions or countries.

Dig into Archeology : Field trips must be held to various archaeological sites or excavations to provide greater exposure to students. The work includes digging, shoveling, cleaning pottery shred, hauling baskets of earth and shreds, and much more.

Reading Biographies and Autobiographies : By reading biographies and autobiographies, children learn about history and how it conditions of the time have impacted individuals. It’s good to let your child decide whom life’s biography to read about. It also provides insight into character formation.

Teaching history to teenagers might seem challenging at times. Many children are distracted as they are uninspired or unaware of the concepts of history and its effects on our world at present. Make your classroom lessons interesting by engaging your students into something lively and practical. Remember that history always doesn’t have to be textbook based.

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