Dreams leave hope on our mind; it gives way of further life. That’s why someone said one beautiful line about dream “If somebody has not dreams, it means they are not alive”. But other side of coins is bad dreams which caught into fear, anxiety and distress. Some time you wake up in night in middle of sleep with full of fear, rapid heart beating and excess sweating etc. Even bad dreams create more pain full life for kids because they can’t tell you what is happening in dreams or even they don’t have any option except crying.

All of us face bad dream problem once in awhile in life. Peoples face bad dreams problems once in a blue moon but if you are facing bad dreams in regularly basis then its cause of concern. There are several theories behind bad dreams but may be the effect of major painful events in life and besides of that cause other reasons are sleep disorder, excess consumption of alcohol and any side effect of medicines.

Bad dreams Face by kids

Sign of bad dreams in kids are they start crying in middle of sleep in night and with crying them facing sweating problem too. Here are giving some tips which are useful to come out from bad dreams problem.

Tips #1: Mostly children have fear of darkness. So don’t be switch off all the lights in room and you can put small lamp near the bed. When children is going to sleep then give them confidence, you are not sleeping alone.

Tips #2: When they are going for sleep say a small prayer in front of them. Prayer will help in making good thoughts in mind when they are going to sleep

Tips #3: When children wake up in middle sleep you should be give adequate support and make try to them comfortable. Show your presence by rub your hand on back of body and give warm hug. This way helps to your children to come out from bad dreams fear.

Tips #4: When children speak about dreams you should listen in proper manner and try to recognize what is the problem. Your attention gives assurance to children they are not alone. You tell them some good stories which helpful to decrease the fear of dream.

How to Get relieve from Bad Dreams

“How can I avoid bad dreams” is common query in adults too. Fifty percent of adult people are facing this problem. Females face problem of bad dreams more than males. Here are we conferring some tips which are useful in problem of bad dreams.

Step #1: Make a discipline for sleeping hours and you should be follow in any circumstances. Try to sleep six to seven hours in a day.

Step #2: Try to avoid watching television one hour before your bedtime. If you emotional and your imagination is strong then you should avoid scary movies, sad news because its influence your thoughts.

Step #3: If you get bad dreams regularly then you must analyze them what is it meaning. Try to remember the entire dream and write down the fact. Then reconnect your dream with your life and recognize where the problem is. This is easy way to get relieve from bad dreams.

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