Affectionately referred to as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has been a fashion icon prior to the Royal Wedding. The Duchess has influenced the fashion scene numerous times and the latest fashion wave she has sparked involves hosiery. It is understood that wearing pantyhose is an unwritten rule of the queen but many women have taken cue from the Duchess in the past few weeks.

The truth is hosiery does have a practical as well as an aesthetic function in many cases. On one hand, they do compliment many styles, while on the other they offer protection. Another practical use of hosiery is the ‘bare leg’ look that some provide and in some cases hosiery can be an important part of an outfit.

Some Ways to Wear Hosiery

Women can use stockings or tights to create that ‘just shaved’ look on days that they just do not have the time. With the right shade, legs can look smooth, silky and glowing. They also add a touch of elegance for the evening and have a way of complimenting mid-length skirts or dresses.

Also, try pairing solid, long, coloured tights with women’s tunic for the perfect look. In this case the tights are as important to the outfit as the tunic is. A printed tunic with single coloured tights or a plain tunic with printed tights create a look that is stylish and warm.

Hosiery also goes great with some of the newest ‘It’ looks for this winter. Wear tights with oversized shirts and jackets to give a feminine feel as part of this season’s Andro-Glamour; or you can also use them to add a touch of colour to the look.

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Sarah writes about hosiery and party dresses to help girls pick the best outfits.