Branding will always be part of your company. After all, this is where your identity is firmly anchored on. And since we are talking about lead generation, branding takes on a whole new dimension. You want you business prospects to remember you after a telemarketing call. This is a factor that you would want to remember if you want to ensure a steady flow of B2B leads coming into your company. Now how do you do it? How will you be able to create a brand name for your company that will stick to the minds of businesses? There are several ways to do it. You just need to remember seven important points.

1.Think of an easy name – for some, alliteration seems like a winner, if you think of Coca-Cola and White Westinghouse. But you need to be sure that your name will not end up like a tongue twister, where you will virtually increase your chances of becoming a forgotten.

2.Use a brand that gives meaning – yes, we have Kodak (may it rest in peace) and Adidas, two brands that have absolutely no meaning, but for businesses that are just starting, you might want to invest in a brand that will best represent what your business is. At least prospects will remember what you do once they recall the name.

3.Do not be too technical in naming – when we think about a name, we want it to be unique, but you must not sacrifice clarity for the sake of standing out. Web 2.0 trends like and Flickr may sound ‘cool’, but these might not sit well with people who only heard it. Imagine how confusing it might be when telemarketing services were used to promote your company.

4.Initials do not really cut it – sure, there is IBM and HP to prove the contrary, but both companies started as complete names. It should be the same thing with you. Frankly speaking, start with a complete name first, then try using initials later once you have established yourself clearly.

5.Be specific – when you want to think of a name, choose one that will closely talk about your business. For example, imagine the ‘Whiskers’ brand selling dog food. Not only will this sound weird, it is, frankly, inappropriate.

6.Get your trademarks protected – one way to ensure that your business is protected is by having it patented. You certainly do not want anyone suddenly using your brand name in order to cash in on your popularity. Besides, you will need some legal proof that only you can use such a name.

7.Look it up in Google Adwords – you also need to know if the name you want to use is popular. That is why you should make it a point to look it up in Google Adwords to see if it will sell. Also, you might find some interesting name variations that you can use for your brand name.

A brand name is your identity that is why you should choose well. 

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Belinda Summers is a professional telemarketer and appointment setter with extensive experience in generating qualified b2b sales leads for businesses through telemarketing. Learn more by visiting