One of the most important, yet underestimated chapters of painting is taping before the commencement of the painting. In fact, taping is one of the finer points that you need to keep in mind when it comes to hiring professional painters. Though the level of skill varies from one painting professional in Karratha to another, still when you hire them they will maintain a minimum level of expertise while taping and will refrain from the following mistakes – something that the DIY enthusiasts are more prone to, for obvious reasons.

Not Preparing The Surface Before Taping

It is imperative to remember that diligent preparatory work is the key to the successful taping of the surface, and achieving an overall professional look. After the necessary repair work is done, the pros would wipe down the surfaces thoroughly, before they start applying the paint. Cleaning the surfacing and making sure or getting rid of all the dirt and dust, oil and grime with a damp cloth is necessary. Once done the area is left to dry out entirely. Grimy walls are notorious for making the paint run, while dust and debris will prevent the tapes from adhering stubbornly to the surface, thus leaving a gap at the edges. Paints can sneak through these edges and reach places where they should not reach.

Not Purchasing the Right Tape

Not investing in high-quality paint tools all around is a mistake, to say the least. Opting for inexpensive roller covers and brushes, low-quality painter's tape will fail to deliver a finish with a professional look and feel. That is where the hiring of professional painters in Karratha is an absolute priority, as they will always opt for the best-branded painters' tapes, which come up with specific paint blocking technology, with specially treaded edges that will never allow the slightest traces of paint to sneak through.

Thus, not purchasing these high-quality tapes is a mistake that you should never make. In fact, the safest way to avoid these mistakes will be to hire a seasoned painting company.

Faulty Application of Tapes

When applying the tape, you need to at first confirm that you have covered the area adequately, and that should include the baseboards, the door, and the window rims, or the junction point of two colours, like an accent wall or where the ceiling meets the walls. Not being particular at these points is a huge mistake that the pros will never make. Do not overstretch the tapes, as they might tear apart. Instead, use longer tapes that will be able to cover the entire length of the edge you are planning to protect. A seasoned pro will ever commit this mistake.

Removal of Tape in a Careless Manner

This is another very common blunder that people at times make at the end of the painting session. One inappropriate way of taking the paint off is immediately after the painting is done. With the paint still being fresh and moist, taking off the tape in a wrongful manner is particularly dangerous as the wet paint may get smudged, damaging the look and feel of an otherwise impeccably painted wall severely.

Thus you see, in order to avoid these taping mistakes, it is always imperative to put stakes on seasoned pros, who will never make these mistakes.

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