When you walk into an apartment, condominium, or townhouse, the first face that will probably greet you is the concierge security guard. Unlike private houses, housing complexes hire concierge staff who serve as gatekeepers for access control in and out of the building. Concierge security does more than just answer calls, grant access to guests, arrange tours with agents, and coordinate and maintenance of units and common areas.

Here is a breakdown of the main duties of a highly trained concierge security guard.

Administrative Bookings
One of the main duties of a concierge guard , especially in multi-level buildings, is to monitor elevators and maintain a list of everyone using these elevators. By managing who gets access to the building elevators and the floors they can get into, these guards add an extra layer of protection from unauthorized access and crime. Condominium concierges also manage booking for other areas in the complex, including common areas and public facilities like rooftop lounges, gyms, swimming pools, and other recreational facilities.

Mail and Package Monitoring
More and more parcels, packages, and orders are being delivered every day, with some of them reportedly being stolen. Depending on the size of the living complex, a security concierge can liaise with courier services and mail delivery. They can securely receive packages from the post office and other delivery services and forward them to your suite or address. A concierge can also scan and weigh packages and even report suspicious deliveries to the authorities. They ensure that packages and emails are directed to the correct recipients and do not get into the wrong hands.

Owner Access
Concierge guards are responsible for giving condominium owners rightful access. Remember that condos are all in one building and use fobs or key cards instead of physical keys. The concierge should program these key cards to open one door and restrict access to certain floors or areas of the building. Keys cards that are correctly programmed improve condo security and make it harder for non-residents and outsiders to gain access to these units. If unit owners lose their keys, the concierge can assist by giving a temporary spare key and arranging for a professional to change the lock.

Concierge staff plays a crucial role in keeping the residents and property safe in a condo complex. These professionals help deter vandalism and crime by patrolling the premises and looking out for unauthorized trespassers and suspicious activity. They can do patrol duties like driving a circuit around the property, and conducting mobile foot patrols on every floor, stairway, elevator, and common area. They can also assist in parking control and inspect underground parking lots for any unlawful activity. Security concierges are given access to CCTV systems to monitor the premises.

Emergency Response
In any unfortunate event of health and fire emergencies, a trained concierge guard in first aid, CPR, and emergency care is helpful in calmly initiating an emergency response and forming a liaison with police, firefighters, and ambulance. Other non-life-threatening emergencies consist of power outages and floors. This function is the reason why it is important for concierge guards to maintain and regularly improve the disaster response of the building. If the residents cannot get a hold of the right person, they should be able to trust that the concierge can.

Concierge guards also serve as the first point of contact for all residents, visitors, and guests. They are the first line of defense against trespassers and authorized intruders, and control access in and out of the building and common areas, ensuring that only those allowed are permitted entry. These professionals are the first line of defense against bad elements, protecting you and your property against vandalism, theft, and other dangers.

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