B2B portal is a gateway to enter into electronic business which includes new age businessmen and their information regarding products, services, web sites, links and so on. B2B marketplace is so vast and somewhat complex to operate with but once you get accompanied with these things, it will certainly offer you excellent business opportunities.
It is very necessary to get informed about various elements of B2B portal so that you will enhance your business by getting more trade deals through online trade portal.
B2B portal acts as a marketplace where all types of entrepreneurs regardless whether small or large, can put their products for sales. It is an electronic common place where all buyers and sellers meet each other and exchange what they have for what they want. Shopping carts along with secure payment options enable to market products online.
Business Directory:
Business directory is a collection of information of companies, contact details, products, services etc. Whenever any company registers on B2B portal, it stores all information in database. This huge database is provided for customers to get information of other businesses. Buyers and suppliers directory contains their products, prices, buy leads, sell leads etc. whereas importers and exporters directory contains international buy leads and sell leads. Company’s information is also stored according to business type and product category.
Storefront for companies:
While it provides shopping facility to business clients, B2B marketplace offers a storefront for displaying company’s information, it products and services separately. To do so, it generates separate web pages dynamically for each company registered on that site. Just like a shop you can add or delete your products, modify product information periodically or change prices and bids for products.
Product E-catalog:
E-catalog is a collection of variety of products for sales. Products and services present globally are listed in E-catalog to facilitate commercial online transactions. Industry wise sorting of products and other commodities have benefited online consumers to get relevant data regarding required product from list. Categories of products and services are decided based on universal products classification.
International marketing and promotion of products:
An excellent supply chain management can be integrated with electronic marketplaces which suffice the need for exchange of products and services. Chain of supplies can be reduced when trade happens. International marketing and promotion of products via B2B marketplace helps to connect buyers and suppliers globally and results in improvement of sales.
Manage trade alerts:
B2B marketplace offers facilities to manage trade alerts. Buy leads and sell leads can be managed online. You can post enquiries and trade offers and manage them from your account. When you want instant trade alerts for your business regarding any trade lead you can set it on portal and you will receive alerts through email or SMS. This feature provides sophisticated business transactions.
An ultimate advantage of b2b marketplace can be faster growth of business with more returns on investments. It will lead to be competitive in market and top in the business.

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