Good voice leaves a good impact over everyone, no matter what kind of audience you consider. In the last few years, the demand for voice over talent for commercial, business presentation, tutorial, documentaries, audio-guides, IVR etc has escalated. Animation also has a huge contribution for the same. Before you finalize the right voice talent you need to consider a few points that are mentioned below.

• Clear and Versatile- A voice which is clear is always appreciated because you need to be understood properly by mass audience. Clarity is judged by the ability to be comfortable at the microphone as your voice needs to be recorded. Along with being clear the speaker must also has a versatile sound quality or his voice must be flexible. Various recordings require different voice quality therefore being a native Italian Speaker you must possesses a range of voice qualities, from energetic and casual to smooth and warm depending on requirement of client.

• Pacing- A speaker who has perfect pronunciation and enunciation but if lacks proper pacing is not at all the right choice. The right rhythm and tempo is a must to bring the appropriate personality and creativity into the entire narration. So if you are planning to make career in this field you must work on this aspect seriously.

• Education- Many people succeed in their career even without taking a formal education but if you take a proper training form a University or local art programs, it will act as golden star on your shoulder. You would have better opportunities and the scope of earning will increase. Moreover, your understanding of the script will be much higher and thus will reflect in your narration.

• Voice Acting- Narrating the script clearly and with right pacing is not enough, if you desire to be an exceptional artist. You must know how to act through also voice. You need to feel the words and bring out the right character that suits the script, be it a documentary, eBook, movie trailer or any other specific requirement.

• Productivity and Efficiency- You need to be very loyal towards your work and bring out the maximum from you. Successful Italian voice over artists works hard from the hair to nail to manage their time to maximize their productivity. Commitment is the key to be productive and efficient.

So now you know what the qualities of exceptionally great voice over artist.

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