Why do men really pull away?

We all know that feeling of falling for someone and seeing them slowly lose interest. Whether it’s the late replies, the lack of interest shown in conversations or just them not being able to take out time for you that they’d do some time ago. Even though it’s really stressful for us, but this may be beneficial in our interest.

Men feel the need to pull away just so they could get all their goals in lines. You can call this their “masculine instinct” as well.

How to stop them:

As much as we shouldn’t let go of them but sometimes letting go is the better option. The more you cling onto them, the more suffocated they’ll feel and tend to pull away. Give them some space and time and look at him running back at you without you having to let go of your values &morals.

Men and pulling away:

As much as it’s harsh, but the bitter truth is that at some point men will pull away. Sometimes they do so because the emotional intimacy emotional dependency frustrates them as most men don’t like being dependent upon someone. The fear of dependency is what drives them away from you. Whilst this is okay, but we better stay alert of this as letting it too loose might end up in you getting hurt. Renee Wade from The Feminine Woman has written an article that reviews and summarises exactly Why Men Pull Away While sometimes it’s their fears that gets to their heads, but we must keep in mind that not all men have our best interests at heart. However, not all men do so. Some men barely distance themselves.

Understanding Men:

Men and women are quite different in terms of thoughts, feelings and actions due to their different biochemistry. Men might seem to be commitment phobic, thick skinned and tough but deep down all they want is to be in love and committed to someone that loves them and understands them. Someone that is willing to stay patient with them while they let their guard down. For this, every woman must know how to understand men  and that will surely bring out their A-game.

Men will always respond to you with the same energy that you give out to them.

Love hormone (Oxytocin) And Men:

While oxytocin is a love hormone that occurs naturally in both men and women, produced by the hypothalamus in the brain, it has different effects on the two genders in social contexts. Areview in 2013 from the National Institutes Of Health reviewed all of the feasible relationship enhancing effects of Oxytocin other than sexual intercourse that include trust and positive communication.

When  men get closer in a relationship and start feeling more comfortable and vulnerable, their oxytocin levels start going up. During this stage it is most likely that men start distancing themselves so their testosterone levels go back to normal. When their oxytocin levels go up, the testosterone levels tend to go down that increases the stress levels of males.

Maintaining your Feminine Values:

Some men might even start pulling away because they’re playing games with the woman’s emotions. As soon as they know that you’ve become vulnerable, they may start distancing themselves. However, some men are an exception to this behaviour. As much as trust is an important factor in a relationship – we MUST not blindly trust especially during the initial phase of a relationship. Before loving anyone else, we must make sure that we fully love ourselves and that we have all of our ambitions and goals aligned and that our values are intact. No matter how much we’re hurting but we should never let go of our values for someone whom we love.

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