Imagine this, you spend hundreds of dollars on beautiful upholstery and decide to take good care of it. What is your next step?

Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned is the key to maximizing your investment and increasing the longevity of the furniture. Professional cleaners like Maple Leaf Carpet Cleaners always have a way of making your upholstery look fresh, without any signs of prior wear and tear.

While professional cleaning eliminates the headache of excessive scrubbing, it does raise the question of how upholstery can stay clean.

Maintaining upholstery to look pristine and mint is not an easy job, especially if your house is a home to kids and pets. Even if you are extra careful and particular about spills, dirt and stains, your upholstery may be subjected to some wear and tear over time.

But this is not something that you cannot rectify. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your upholstery after professional cleaning.

Regularly Vacuum Your Upholstery

Everything in your home, especially your upholstery, collects dust. Vacuuming it regularly will assist prevent the accumulation of unwanted filth, dust, dander, and allergens.

The longer you wait, the deeper these particles will penetrate its fibres and serve as an abrasive, prematurely wearing out the material. Clean your furniture at least once a week as a general guideline.

Utilize Scotchgard

Scotchgard is a fantastic substance that acts as an invisible plastic sheet. Scotchgard is a plasticizing compound that seeps into the fabric and prevents dirt and oils from getting into the fibres, decomposing your upholstery from the inside.

Focus On Armrests And Slipcovers

Armrests and slipcovers protect the most vulnerable sections of your furniture without requiring you to sit on plastic. These items can be compromised by daily usage because they absorb the majority of the wear, grease, and filth. Maintaining these items will go a long way toward preserving your furniture.

Treat Stains Immediately

Spot treat any spills and stains right away—the longer you wait, the more likely the stains will become permanent as they seep further into the fabric. Before using any product, always test it in an inconspicuous area and read the manufacturer's directions to determine what cleaner to use.

Use a gentle circular motion to work your way into the fibres. When dry, vacuum and repeat the process as needed.

Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

Keep your furnishings away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods. It means keeping it away from unprotected windows, which will also protect them from other elements like rainwater spray and airborne pollutants like smoking and odours.

These elements might cause the material to fade and tear over time.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

A robust air circulation system in your home can assist control odours and other air contaminants that your furniture would otherwise absorb. It also removes moisture—while minimal water will not harm your upholstery, allowing it to sit for too long might dampen it and ruin the paint and wood.

Improving indoor ventilation can be as simple as opening windows, operating exhaust fans, and directing a fan to an open window.

Plump The Cushions

Shifting or replacing the loose cushions regularly can help to extend the life of your upholstered furniture. Since seats are utilized more than others, switching the cushion from one portion of the sofa to another will help to ensure utilization.

Fluffing them up regularly after a professional cleaning keeps them in good condition. Cushions will not develop indentations as rapidly if wear and tear are distributed evenly.

Avoid Exposure To Contaminants And Chemicals

Place your furniture so that the upholstery does not get harmed. Also, avoid exposing your furniture to bright sunlight over extended periods or placing it near uncovered windows. Rainwater spray can also cause the fabric to tear and fade, as can airborne contaminants like smoke or cooking odours.

Moreover, store-bought chemicals and synthetics are also discouraged on upholstery as they can discolour the fabric or ruin the textures.


Consider hiring a well-reputed professional upholstery cleaning service in Edmonton to deep-clean your furniture in addition to your normal upkeep. It is something that vacuuming alone cannot accomplish. Furthermore, some stains on your upholstery can only be removed by professionals.

While it is possible to do your upholstery cleaning, there are risks associated, such as overwetting your furniture. This can lead to mould and mildew growth, which can create a hazardous atmosphere for your family, and the risk may not be worth it.

Don't let your upholstered furniture become noticeably dirty as it can dramatically decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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