Prostatitis is a common male disease. Due to the lack of understanding of prostatitis, men take treatment measures according to one-sided versions and blindly take some anti-inflammatory drugs, which aggravates prostatitis.

Although antibiotics have a positive effect on bacterial prostatitis, for chronic prostatitis, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, will be better than antibiotics. Also, living habits and food are excellent doctors. Although they are slow, they can regulate inflammation and let men say goodbye to it.

So how should men protect their prostate in daily life? The doctor reminds that two habits and five foods are helpful.

Two habits

Habit 1: exercise more

First of all, a sedentary position is a cause of prostatitis. Therefore, men who often sit in the office and drive for a long time should pay attention to it. They should exercise for at least 10 minutes every 40 minutes. Moderate exercise is beneficial for physical fitness and the prevention of various diseases, especially for men. Prostatitis, to a large extent, is caused by the obstruction of lower body meridians. So men should do more lower body exercises, such as swimming, running and so on. As the saying goes, life lies in sports, so they should persist in this habit.

Habit 2: drink plenty of water

Water is the source of life. Drinking water can promote metabolism, help excretion, and discharge a variety of body garbage toxins. A high concentration of urine will produce some stimulation to the prostate, and it will cause damage to the prostate. Drinking more water can dilute the blood and effectively dilute the concentration of urine, which is also helpful for the adjuvant treatment of prostatitis. Now, many men are under increasing pressure at work and even have no time to drink water, which will increase their risk of prostatitis. In any case, the good habit of drinking plenty of water must continue.

Five foods

1. Apple

Most males don't like to eat fruits, which is one of the causes of prostatitis. The vitamins and fiber in apples are beneficial to men's prostate and are also very helpful to men's endocrine and metabolism.

2. Honey water

Honey has long been used as a treatment to prevent traumatic infection and promote wound healing. Modern studies have also found that honey has a specific adjuvant treatment value for chronic wound healing, helping burns, ulcers, bedsores, and skin transplantation. The antibacterial effect of honey is usually attributed to the content of hydrogen peroxide. Men often drink honey water can relieve constipation and prostatitis symptoms.

3. Wax gourd

Wax gourd is a very good diuretic detumescence of food. Men with prostatitis and other prostate diseases can eat more wax gourd to clear away heat and detoxification. It also has a diuretic effect.

4. Lycium Chinensis

Lycium Chinensis is a kind of food we are familiar with, which people often use to drink in water. Research has found that eating Lycium Chinensis can often protect the liver and kidney and delay aging, especially for people with kidney yin deficiency. Men who eat it can also prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.

5. Golden cypressi

Modern pharmacological studies have also confirmed that Golden cypressi has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and antiviral effects. Drinking it can help relieve damp-heat prostatitis.

Unreasonable living habits are a common cause of prostatitis and can lead to the second attack of the disease. Therefore, it's best to avoid sedentary habits, holding urine, and spicy food. Good diet and living habits can prevent the recurrence of prostatitis and strengthen the physique and prevent the occurrence of other diseases.

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