The goal of a food dehydrator is to get rid of any water in food while at the same time retaining its nutritional value. It is a good and convenient way of preserving your food. What happens is the dehydrator evenly distributes airflow while at the same time maintaining a constant temperature. There are very many dehydrators in the market. The trick is choosing just the right one that will work for you. For more information on how to get the best dehydrator check this post. Here are some factors to consider when buying a food dehydrator.

Evenly distributes temperature and air flow

This is a very important aspect of any food dehydrator. Both air and heat should be distributed evenly. In this way your food pieces are dried in an even manner. You may find that some food dehydrators dry one part of the food and it begins to harden before the other part has dried. Do not be deceived into thinking that the part of the food that is closer to the heater and fan is supposed to be the first one to dry up. A quality dehydrator works in such a way that all parts of the food whether close or farther from the heater dry at the same rate.


This is another thing to look out for in a food dehydrator. Dehydrators can be quite expensive that is why it’s only fair that you get value for your money. Get one that has stacks so that you can stack the trays onto each other. This way you can dry food in large portions and still be assured that it will dry well. There are also dehydrators that allow you to dry foods that are a bit long. All you have to do is to remove some trays so that you can create enough space for the long piece of food. This type is known as the shelf dehydrator.

A thermostat to maintain temperature

Many people opt for food dehydrators that do not have thermostats because they are the cheaper option. However, purchasing one that has a thermostat will make your work much easier. A thermostat will help you to set and even maintain a desired temperature. Also, each food has a specific temperature that is required for drying. You can easily adjust all these temperatures when your food dehydrator has a thermostat.

Vertical or horizontal

You have to look at the fan design whether it’s horizontal or vertical. The fan design will determine the type of foods that you will dry. If you want a basic dehydrator for drying fruits and vegetables then a vertical one will do. This is because items like vegetables are quite easy to dry. A horizontal machine will take on the more difficult foods to dehydrate such as meat.

Easy access

Ensure that the dehydrator that you choose can be accessed with ease. You may want to check on the food as it dries. This should be done with ease. The trays should slide out easily without any trouble.

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