Entrepreneurs and freelancers should know what to look for in a time tracking tool. They must ensure that they can maximize the use of this smart device. That is, they must exert effort to look for features that are needed - not only about the effective monitoring time. Then what are the required features in a free time tracker should have?

1. Simple or easy to use interface
For the software, users always look forward to an interface that is easy to operate. How simple should it be? Well, it should be understood only in a cursory or at least after a few readings. Not having to complicate the lives of the users. It should only require input the necessary information, such as projects or descriptions and prices, and click the start button, pause, and stop. Of course, time-efficient monitoring should be the basic functionality of this tool.

2. Automatic generation of invoices or bills
Freelancers expect to receive payment of their projects completed. However, most of them find it difficult or tedious invoice to make. More often than not, it interferes with their busy schedules. A time tracking software should be free freelancer good of this unwanted activity. It should automatically create accurate invoices.

3. Do all the billing tasks
Freelancers should focus on their projects and never worry about billing clients. It would be great if this tool has features that suggest the user that the bill is ready for delivery to a variety of clients. It will only communicate with them if no payment is due.

4. Work either online or offline
Most freelance and office jobs dependent on the internet. They are highly influenced whenever an Internet connection is cut. This is why it is better to rely on a tracker which functions both online and offline to avoid disturbances on the accurate recording of time. No time is wasted if this feature in your time tracking.

5. Compatible with mobile devices
Some freelance and field workers perform their tasks even when they are not at home. They bring with them their iPhones and iPads to attend to this. To continuously monitor their time, they have to use something compatible with their mobile devices.

This is the main feature that users should look for in their time tracking tool. With all this, they are sure to have fewer or no complications and disruption of their duties.

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