If you are looking for a proper hotel accommodation you have to choose the best way to arrange it in order to avoid any extra charges. Here are some travel tips for avoiding any additional charges that may be useful for you.

1) Ask about extra charges upfront- it helps to know what you’re paying for. In this way you will know what services are included in the package for example breakfast, VAT, parking etc. and what are the services that are paid additionally so you can choose what exactly you want to use.

2) Ask if the breakfast is optional- hotel breakfasts rarely offer value for money.

3) Don’t pay hotel parking fees- park your car on the street or in a local garage. However be careful. First check if the place is safe for parking and be sure that you won't have problems with the police.

4) Don’t pay for wi-fi- use it somewhere that doesn’t charge or go surf for free in the local library. There are a lot of cafes that offer wi-fi free of charge, along with the pleasure of cup of hot coffee

5) Don’t pay for laundry- you just need to take your clothes to the local Laundromat or hand wash them in the sink.

6) Don’t change-up money in hotels.

7) Don’t buy souvenirs in hotel gift shops. Walk around. There are a lot of shops that offer souvenirs in half price of the hotel's shop prices.

8) Travel with a partner- singles can cost more than doubles! Along with the accommodation you can share some other expenses like transport, food, etc.

So look for the best offers for discount hotel accommodation and enjoy your holiday or business trip as much as possible.

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