One name of Lord Shankar is Tripurari too. In ancient times 3 terrible demons were born and they were brothers. Their names were different and like illusory cities they had built 3 magical cities. They had imprisoned all world denizens in these 3 cities. Every individual of these 3 cities were under their vision. They would think as per these demons thinking and execute tasks accordingly. Thus the entire world was under their illusory power wherein righteousness declined and unrighteousness waved its flag of victory. Demonic wealth grew and all the 3 cities appeared glorious. And yet everything within was dark and shady. These citizens lived a hell like life full of worries and strife. Everywhere people wailed aloud.

Righteousness complained to Prajapati. The latter requested Mahakal to intervene since he if the lord of reforms. He listened to what righteousness had to say so as to clearly understand the situation. Although the 3 demons who built these 3 cities were separate yet somehow they were intensely bound to each other. Their 3 cities appeared to be separate yet they nourished each other. These 3 demons could not die in an ordinary manner. They had attained a boon that they would die together and that too with a single weapon only. These demons were very wily hence they had asked for such a boon. They knew that it was well nigh difficult to kill even one of them hence who would take up the challenge of killing all 3 at one shot? Suppose someone dared to do so even then where was that single weapon which would kill all 3 at one and the same time? None could carry out this impossible task. Hence despite the fact that demons cannot attain immortality yet they lived lives as though they were immortal.

Lord Shiva cogitated over the situation and found a solution to free all of mankind from the clutches of these terrible demons. He created the Trishul weapon which had 3 prongs. These 3 prongs on one weapon would kill them simultaneously. Mahakal with great speed attacked the demons and thus the power of the 3 demons was burnt to naught. Righteousness won and unrighteousness was defeated. The deluded denizens of the 3 illusory cities were freed. Henceforth they started thinking independently and wisely and acted wholesomely. Thus a great calamity that fell on mankind was warded off. Lord Mahakal’s victory was eulogized by one and all and was now named Tripurari.

Tripur’s 3 cities were greed, delusion and ego. All 3 are bound to each other. A man who all the time thinks, acts and remains alive only to amass wealth does not pay heed to ethics and life’s great goal and instead only competes with others blindly to hoard wealth. He very well knows that money that remains apart from looking after the needs of his family will be looted by so called sons, relatives and friends. Man refuses to understand this and transform his thinking. The illusory power of attachment ensnares his faculty of discrimination and like a bird in a poacher’s net is taken in that very direction which the poacher demands. Even today greed has taken over the psyche of majority in the world. Maybe circumstances do not allow you to become rich yet this is everyone’s goal. It is a painful irony that man totally forgets life’s true importance, its goal and utility value. He shows his back to all this and in the desire to amass unwanted wealth his loses his precious human life. At death he merely carries a bag of sins. This is verily a demonic delusion in whose mesh a so called man of rationality gets ensnared so terribly that all that should have been done is ignored and does that which should not have been done. In ancient times the Tripur demons had with their illusory power deluded human beings and today history is repeating itself.

The 2nd city of Tripur demons is delusion or attachment. Those sense organs which are mean to smoothly run the chariot of true living are today a basis of sense merriment and wild enjoyment. The taste buds that run after yummy food and sexual passion of genitals are rendering our bodily and mental health withered. In comparison to the havoc created in our lives due to yearning for tasty food sexual passion proves to be thousands time more dangerous. These vile acts terribly harm our peaceful family lives, children, culture and social management. Mental taints are even more deadly than bodily pleasures. In a certain sense it has shattered our emotional idealism and supreme glory. The more these sense merriments become dire the more we run after them and hence if we call it the power of illusion of Tripur demons it is not an overstatement.

The other form of deluded attachment is to look upon only those who are your blood relations and family members as your own and thus for the entire life work only to nurture and please them. People have forgotten that this world too is our family and that it is our duty to uplift those who live demeaned and downtrodden lives. We have got this human life to serve our country, religion, world society and culture and none pays heed to this. Those who can think do so only about their families. Even if their children are financially and otherwise independent yet one earns money for their upkeep only. Everything is hoarded for their family. Those who do not have their own children adopt other children. This delusion has destroyed many precious lives. If only they had stopped limited their thinking only about their families and thought also about their country, religion, world society and culture so much could have been achieved. But the delusion of attachment has coiled itself tightly around their throats so as to strangle them. They earned only to nurture their children so as to render them unruly. What should have been done is totally ignored by them. Beyond selfish gains they never thought generously about the world at large. But what could these poor beings do since they were enmeshed in the illusory net of Tripur demons. The demons have destroyed their independent souls and hence think perforce only that which the demons ask them to think about. Today the situation is exactly as when in the past righteousness wailed aloud and requested Prajapati to save its neck.

The 3rd city of Tripur demons is ego. But when lowly human beings born from clay, who will at death merge into clay and are made up of a bag of foul smelling stools, urine etc arrogantly flaunt their material achievements one cannot but mock them. Man is so immersed in decorating his perishable body that one wonders what he is trying to attain. What exactly is he trying to flaunt? All the time this lowly man is trying to put on a façade so as to hide his true form and instead appear totally different. More than double his earnings go in decorating the transient body when compared to the expenses made to protect the body. Despite this he remains as ugly as ever.

On noting man’s behavior, movements, pomp, wealth, decoration of the body in a vain manner etc one wonders whether he has turned insane. Life’s needs are actually few which can easily be provided for yet the mouth of the ogress Sursa which depicts vain pomp is so wide that it can never be satiated. Whatever one earns appears meager and because sense objects of transient pleasures are hoarded every time one faces financial problems. One cannot but mock those who are poor who insist on competing with their rich counterparts in spending lavishly on weddings, birthdays etc. When such people insist on behaving thus one wonders when man will come out of the jungle age? His proclamation of having become civilized appears to be self praise. Each one competes with the other to show off his pomp and thus behave in an unruly and arrogant manner. They imbibe crime, oppression, hatred, cunningness etc and hence we can only say that even today we are beastly humans and human ghosts. Ego is man’s most lowly tainted behavior. The more one is unruly, un-disciplined, uncontrolled, arrogant and lowly the more he must be looked upon as tainted. It is our ill fate that today this ego is ruling the roost to such an extent that his true nature which is the cosmic soul has been forgotten. In the name of so called self respect man is becoming so lowly, that on seeing it one can only say that today’s era is darkly clouded by the illusion of the limited arrogant ego.

Tripur demons established the rule of greed, deluded attachment and ego in their illusory city and by deluding all its citizens made them dance like puppets to their tune. It looks as though in present situations this is being re-enacted. Right from illiterate people to so-called educated, religious/political leaders, artists, scholars etc are marching in this direction. People are chattering insanely having been attacked by Tridosh and are acting with unruliness. The vile results are for all to see. In every arena be it individual, bodily, mental, family based, financial, social, religious etc there is nothing but mismanagement. Where ever one glances there one sees only the undesirable and inapt. Under such dire and distorted conditions only oppression, explosion, discontent, worry, mismanagement, sorrow and strife will reign. Today this is exactly what is happening. Man’s soul is on its deathbed and world society is on the brink of total destruction.

Righteousness again is wailing aloud. Humanity is bleeding. Earth is again carrying the burden of sins. Everyone is praying to Prajapati: O creator! Reform this tainted thinking. Prajapati has directed Mahakal to do the needful. He in turn is trying to understand the situation and has decided that although thousands of years back the Tripur demons were taught a lesson by him yet they seem to have today forgotten it. Again they have trapped the world with their illusory power and like ancient times have manifested strife and pain in this otherwise heavenly world. In order to protect earth Mahakal is again sharpening his Trishul weapon. No doubt material killings take place but along with it the real aim was to transform world psyche from the standpoint of individual, emotional, social etc in a such a way that truth, welfare and bliss would prevail.

In ancient times Tripurari Mahakal with his weapon of education, destruction and neo creation had shattered the power of illusion and today he will do this again. Righteousness will prevail and unrighteousness will die. World humanity will again be liberated from the choking noose of greed, deluded attachment and ego. Man heated in the fire of destruction will in future learn the lesson of repentance, self control and humility so as to become truly gentlemanly. This auspicious day will definitely come soon in the new era. May you gain victory, O Tripurari Mahakal!

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