I am writing this article because I have noticed an increase in people who have problems with people being constantly in their mind. I started thinking about why these people could not shut these influences off. I read a lot of information about different things such as hypnosis and how it affects people who are psychic to older books that state about permissions and pacts.

The first thing to do is to figure out the different definitions of what we are talking about as Magical and Mental Access and Permission. A lot of the people who complain about problems do so about a psychic they went to see or a person that they know is psychic. I always ask them how the problems started and they said that they gave the person permission to access them or their mind. They then can not seem to get them out of their minds at all. Access is agreeing to let them work upon you or showing you their powers or any other time you agree to let them into your energetic system.

Magical Permission is agreeing to let someone do something magically for you. An example is “yes, you have permission to do work to help my prosperity”. You should always state what they are allowed to do and when. I have known someone who agreed to let a person share his mind. He never delineated how much or how often. People that were around him noticed drastic personality changes and it took years of work to overcome the bad choices and decisions he made because of having another’s personality overshadow him. It included time in prison and a mental institute.

You never allow anyone to magically access you in any way. You never allow them to do this for any excuse including proving your loyalty and linking everyone together. You never allow them to share your mind or scan your mind unless it is stated it is for one time only. I really do not feel mind scanning or sharing is ever needed unless the person is catatonic or in a coma. It would be used then to try to bring them into themselves to heal them. I feel it is an invasion of privacy then but is being used to help them. Any other reason for scanning minds or sharing minds shows the person is not talented enough to scan the energies a person puts out to learn what they need to learn. A talented magician will never need to access anyone to prove anything. They should be capable of feeling the energies without invading a person’s privacy in any way. Other wise it is just a way for control and manipulation. It can also be used for intimidation so that a person is afraid of them or crossing them.

My reason for this is that there are unscrupulous people who will continually access you for their own purposes and because of their own paranoia. I have seen it become more and more prevalent in the people who I deal with that are having problems. I am not saying everyone will do this as there are many ethical magicians and psychics who would never do these things. The reason they do not is because they are balanced enough and smart enough to realize that doing this is wrong.

Now what do you do about it if you have these problems. You revoke permission immediately by stating you revoke permission for so and so to access your mind. If you feel it might have been done hypnotically then you should have a Master command put into your mind by a hypnotist covering the fact that you will never allow anyone to force you to act against your nature or however the hypnotist phrases it.

Once it has happened there are a few things you can do if the person is not really serious but just out of control. You revoke access; you slam the mental door in the persons face. You do core image removals, and remove all energies that are not of you. You ask your higher self for help in removing all of the energies not of you. Shielding is something important to know and learn so you can cut off all access and links while you do this. I have an article here on simple protection and shielding.

Now is the person who is doing this is a talented magician you will need the help of others. I have heard a person describe their body being taken over where they were screaming at them in their own mind but the other person did things anyway. It is called overshadowing and can actually be used to split your personality apart and cause schizophrenia. It can also cause obsession and illusions of things happening in your life. It will take a long time and a lot of work upon the victim’s part and the healer’s part to fix any of this.

It is a shame because the solution is so simple. Just do not allow any access or permission with out stated guidelines and purposes. Do not let others do these things to you as an example. People who do this in the first place are not people to trust. Never allow another to share your mind even once. I state this because I have seen someone implant serious mental problems into a person’s mind by just accessing them once. They went into mental delusions and ended up with serious problems. I know it sounds like something out of the twilight zone or a Grade B horror film. The important thing is for you not to be one of the people in the film.

Author's Bio: 

Nita Hickok is a Hermetic Magician, Earth Magician, Inter-Faith Reverend, and healer. She uses methods of astral healing and distant healing to help many people. She has 39 years of experience and has done over a hundred exorcisms.