How many times has it happened in your past where a date didn’t go the way you planned?

You planned out a whole romantic evening, you gave it a lot of thought, memorized love quotes for her that you might have used, spent a lot of your time.

And surprisingly it went nowhere with the girl.

That sucks doesn’t it?

What’s worse is she didn’t even seem like she had a great time.

So what can you do in this situation?

Well, there’s a few things successful guys in dating do that are different.

Do this for the next few dates and I guarantee you’ll have better success than what you’ve been getting so far.

The trick to have a great date is not to shower her with enormous amounts of attention to begin with. Every guy tries to do that somehow.

In fact, the best thing to do is not call it a date at all.

That’s right.

Don’t call it a date.

What you do instead is set up a hangout. A hangout with a group of friends.

If you’re going to ask her out on a date anyways you might as well use this technique. When you invite her to a hangout among friends (like a pizza night or beer night at a restaurant) it seems much less intimidating.

7 out of 10 times a woman will agree to hang out with you if it’s with a group of people where she can bring her own friends.

This does several things.

It puts you in a position of social authority. Anyone in charge of organizing social gatherings is perceived to have social value. Anyone with social value is naturally found more attractive by the female gender.

Have you ever heard women talking about knowing a club promoter, or a DJ? Have you ever noticed how women always try to make connections with these people?

Well it’s not difficult to image that guys who are club promoters or DJ’s get laid like rock stars. So when you start inviting the girl you like to social events with groups of people she immediately starts seeing you in a different light.

Once you have done these meet ups 5 or 6 times her and her friends will want to invite you to their events. Not only that but when you ask to hang out with her one-on-one she will be much more receptive.

The hangouts that you organize can be simple stuff like going to an opening movie night, or bowling, going to the beach. Anything fun.

So start thinking of dates in a different way than what you’re used to.

The traditional style of “dating” is almost set-up for failure if you’re not a confident guy. Also, in modern times those types of dating rarely happen anymore. They only happen once the guy and girl are in a relationship.

Use it and see for yourself how great this works.
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