For many years, Macs and the PCs have been in an unending battle. The following are some of the key differences that you will notice between MacBook and windows. Once you know them, you will be in a position to decide if you want to use the windows or MacBook.

  • MacBook tends to pride itself on design. The Apple company has spent a lot of years working around on how their products come out. The company is all about the finer details, even its internals are constructed beautifully. But at the moment, Microsoft is trying to catch up introducing several designs into the market including the Surface Pro 4, which is a great design that comes closest to the promise of a tablet being able to replace a laptop.
  • Macs tend to be more expensive as compared to windows: On average, Macs are far much expensive as compared to windows even when thinking of specifications that are comparable. Apart from the high-end gaming windows computers and other models which are on the high end, with as little as $500, you will be able to get a windows laptop. But for MacBook, the cheapest might cost you double that amount.
  • When it comes to hardcore PC games, windows is better: Most hardcore games tend to prefer windows and it might be due to the fact that PCs tend to be customizable. Players who are serious obsess over everything from the processor to the graphics card to the amount of memory that is inside the computer, constantly buying and tweaking new hardware to be able to stay in the current space.
  • It is very impossible to upgrade Macs easily. Unless you are willing to spend a sizeable amount of money for Macs which are most decked – out, they tend to be underpowered as compared to machines for windows gaming.
  • Most interesting of all is that Mac tends to be a more gaming platform but it cannot compare with Windows in terms of the breadth and depth when it comes to the selection of the games for the Windows PC.
  • With Macs, you tend to get customer service which is better: In case your Macs break down, you can easily book an appointment and take it to the nearest local App store. You will meet a specialist who will definitely help you out with your problem. If it is impossible to fix the problem in a single session, you will not be charged.
  • Microsoft too has its own retail shops but they are not comparable to the service you will get at the Apple stores. Microsoft does not repair all the computers which it sells, meaning that, they will be forced to send certain computers to the manufacturer to do the repairs. And as compared to the Apple stores, Microsoft stores are very few.
  • Macs are safer when it comes to viruses and malware: Due to the fact that there are fewer Macs in the market as compared to the Windows computers, they tend to least attract the wrath of the attackers.
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Misty Jhones