We are now living in the digital and this means almost 99% of everything has gone virtual and online. Technology is also changing and growing with each rising sun. Different models of computers and phones are being invented and developed every other day by different companies.

Today, you will want to buy a MacBook, and tomorrow, you will want to sell it for any other computer or device, just so you can get the newest model. This has been the trend since the invention and release of Mac and other computers and devices.

For whatever reason you need a laptop, whether just for fun and recreational purposes, school, or work, it could sometimes be hard to decide which one is for you. Especially with the different brands, makes, models, features, and even designs, it makes it even harder to tell which one you need. There are websites like tech.trade where you can easily compare or buy refurbished MacBooks within your budget.

Comparing MacBook Pro 2019 vs MacBook Pro 2020

We all know that Apple comes up with different models and designs every now and then. And being Apple, and the company that they are, they always make sure to ensure that the new one is better than the previous one, even if it is just a little change or tweak made. Let’s take a look at the MacBook Pro of 2019 and MacBook Pro of 2020.

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2019) Technical Specifications

MacBook Pro, 15 inches, of 2019 is one of the still powerful machines of Apple even after more models were released later on. The laptop comes in either a space grey or silver colour. It has an integrated Touch ID sensor with a 256 and all the way up to 512GB for storage.

The Retina Display is also one of the go to for many people; a 15.4 LED-backlit display, has an IPS technology and 2880 by 1800 native resolution with 220 pixels per inch. It has 500 Nits brightness and wide colour. The thunderbolts in this model are 3 ports that support charging, Display Port, and USB.

It also has a long battery life and power and multiple features even for people with disabilities that support the vision, learning, hearing, and mobility. These features include voice control, zoom, increasing contrast, text to speech, and more.

MacBook Pro (13-inch 2020) Technical Specifications

You don’t need to look very closely to know that these two have very similar features and characteristics. They both have an excellent Retina display, have a sleek design, especially for light and compact if you will need to carry it around often and both come with the same colour options.

The 13-inch 2020 MacBook has a long battery life, is super speedy in performance, and has a comfortable keyboard if you will be typing a lot. The webcam is also improved and is powerful in terms of speed, camera, and audio. Both MacBook Pro 2020 and MacBook Pro 2020 are almost similar in most features, design, and characteristics. They are both, definitely good choices for a good, long term investment.

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Misty Jhones