How far such spontaneous could be extended!

[What if Mother stands still, do we know how to get lost? It isn’t all, if we can only swim, we’ll have to dive for pearls. We get extensive as she goes on expounding a common little particular. None knows how much such immensity lies within her reach!

Now the fact remains, if it were incomplete where the incongruity did arise? The only addition made was—truth, order, peace. Is it then a fact that this unique doctrine doesn’t know any end? O yes, where Shriguru Kanandevi comes to a stop, she only yields to circumstances. Adjustment in worldly life and contemplation as occasion serves—that’s why this unique spiritual quest for harmony has been made possible within this brief span of time.]

If one can utter the words of truth and religion several times, even partially hiding something under the cheeks, one will find oneself cast in the role of a “glorious grand seer.” There’s further other things which go with it. He sees all. And about judgment? Every word that he says then, goes down without challenge. Whether accept that or not, they will just bow down and run away. Who else is there to judge, tell me?

If you stand for a while in the abode of desire and attachment, you can understand everything. You don’t want to. In that case how can he, who wants?—Oops! Mother, what end do you have in view? What am I to say about it! Whether it’s milk or rice, you’ll have to boil it and stir it thoroughly before you take it off the fire. Instead of doing that you merely light the fire. What do you show to others—I’ve lighted the oven. Nobody sees whether you’ve lighted the fire using straw of splinters of wood for fuel.

You’ve lighted your own oven. By a show of those red flames, you pull off a sort of bluff. Moreover, where’s the time for others to come near you. And why should they at all? They would if they new or cared to know how the fire was lighted or burnt. They might have been inquisitive. What did they say to themselves instead? It’s none of our business.

Again, the person, who lights the fire, doesn’t bother whether it’ll die down into ashes or grow cold. He feels—no matter, for the moment let me put on the cooking pot or pan. Spit-sputter-sizzle-bubble. Just a lot of din. In fact, it was much ado about nothing. How are things going to be well-cooked? Does water by itself crystals when it’s dried up? It’s only a syrupy solution which condensed into barely sugar.

True indeed, have I come to speak afresh what you’ve seen through all ages? You’ll know—yes, you’ll. You may know even today. Well, are you afraid of going through the test or holding the test? From what I see, it’s all about ‘holding the test’ that you are afraid of.
(No. of words – 498)

Raw grains of rice within the boiled rice

The housewife took down the cooking-pot from the oven feeling that the rice had been cooked. She served the rice to a person. But he squeezed a grain and found that it had a tiny gritty portion, of the same size as a grain of barley or semolina. It appeared then that the rice had not been properly cooked. Surely the heat wasn’t enough and the rice wasn’t properly stirred. But could anybody say from a distance or just by taking a glance that the rice wasn’t properly cooked?

Thus you may know for yourself—traditional religion has its lacunae as such. How many people there are suffering from an enlarged liver, who will squeeze a grain of rice before taking his mouthful? So you may come to this point—who is there who can realize truth flawlessly?

(No. of words – 146)

Adjustment in worldly life and contemplation as occasion serves (Mother explains something very specific)

As soon as people hear these words ‘Adjustment in worldly life’ they will all exclaim—Yes, that’s what we all do. Oh, no! Never make a mistake. Nobody ever does that. Rather, say, worldly life through having ones fills. If one judges another, nobody adjust himself. If somebody adjusts himself in the morning, he has his fill in the afternoon. Again, if somebody adjusts himself in the afternoon, he has his fill all night and the next morning too. Herein lies the only exception. Ponder over this, please.

Where this is missing to some extent, we have a number of rents and tears. Further, if there is more of it, there’s no end of trouble. It becomes a question of giving up, running away, dying outright. You just turn your eyes inward and sit still. You will then be able to catch on or know about what I’ve just said. Isn’t it? Here are two opposite poles. A great renouncer on the one hand; a great epicure on the other. Don’t you find this striking?

(No. of words – 191)

Contemplation as the occasion serves
(In the context of conjugal life)

There’s again the idea of ‘Contemplation as the occasion serves’. You should also know about what I point out. If you water a sapling, it grows and grows and all at once you find that it shoots up. Now it bears fruits and flowers. It is time to give them away. But woe to the time! Someone starts scraping away at its roots, so that it may not suck up too much of soil and water.

Well, could you follow anything? The doors of full indulgence in pleasure are not closed; they stand ajar. If closed, there won’t be any fruits and flowers—that is to say, generations of children. The dinner sets about steadily on what I have in view. Well-fed or full-fed, I sometime scrape the dish or put into my mouth what little is left, as if it was a sacred offering. There’s indeed the manifestation of both mind and stomach, in fact everything.

It’s all hunger and hunger. Otherwise how can one count the steps as he proceeds at fourteen and ends up as if a winner in a sprinting race at twenty-four or twenty-eight! Oh, no! Don’t make a mistake. It has got to be finished by forty. It’s all well-accomplished by forty indeed.

All this is what I want to say, it is a spiritual striving, second to none and the primordial and unique truth. Now come—let’s go out singly and in bands to find out if the One without a second has any flaw or discord. How is that She says, with such a swagger, at forty “I’ have finished everything; indeed I’ve.”

Well, to start with I had to make ’mince-meat’ of self, and then came the question of full self-development.
(No. of words – 301)

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